Mars closet to the earth in recorded history, Astrology

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  • onacruse

    Cathy, I gather from your last post that after a short visit with us you are again taking your leave.

    May you too have a happy and rewarding life.


  • funkyderek
    insolence and lack of knowledge (on this subject) and not wanting to read it for yourselves I will refrain as sometimes I do realize the truth hurts. Also go back and read my first post, Einstein studied astrology, now figure this puzzle out yourself. I know you both are capable or you wouldn't be here. Now remember Einstein is considered a Genuis.

    So was it a trick question? When you said Einstein "studied" astrology do you mean he just read a book about it once? If you did, then yes, you fooled me, good one. But at the risk of appearing even more foolish, I'm going to assume you actually meant that Einstein believed in astrology. (Otherwise you were just making pointless non-statements) I'm not sure how it could possibly be a "puzzle" that needs to be figured out. It's either a fact with evidence to support it, or it's just some nonsense you made up. Now unfortunately I haven't had time to go to the library and hunt down Einstein's book, but fortunately donkey seems to have a copy. So if you could just tell us what page number we're supposed to look at then we can sort this out quite easily.

    If you can't or won't do that, I'll have to assume you just made it up to support your flimsy belief structure and that the rest of your "facts" are equally suspect.

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    Another nice clear night tonight. Last night Mars chased the moon across the sky, tonight the moon is chasing Mars.

  • cat1759

    Hello You guys, I came back to find that I could no longer make new threads and my pms and chat were disconnected because of my beliefs? I never meant to make anyone feel small. When I posted it was for encouraging free thinking. I didn't realize my post would be so badly looked upon especially by the owner of this site. "Forget astrology", Simon said. Simon talked and everyone took their cues. I am saddened to think that free thinking outside the box is not allowed on this site. When I posted about Einstein it was because he knew about astrology, he studied it, wether he believe it or not was part of him. At the time he lived astrology was looked down upon as were alot of other situations. Saint Satan, I had read that article prior and found it interesting as I always thought Einstein was a genius but my opinion changed. As for your question, Look up Noel Tyl, his site is , He is brilliant and just started to share his learning with the psychological field that will give them a new way to evaluate where the train went off the track in childhood developement. He is the best!!!!! As for you funkyderek I didn't want to come here and make anyone look bad. I offered some free thinking to be put down by the owner of this site and those that follow in his lead. Such a sad state of affairs when we walk out of a cult after our whole lives to come here and be further abused by such wankery. I recieved a couple of pms and have not been able to respond as my pms are off and chat is no longer working. I guess my views are not as important as being called names here. I was also shocked to see some really great people who have helped so many come out of this horrid religion to be banned from this site. Seriously Simple Simon what the heck where you thinking? Are you truly Napolean? I live in a free country Simon, unlike you were everything must be banned in order to survive. Or is it just the witness mentality you are still working through? I am shocked and horrified that I allowed so many here to put me down in written word and you allowed it and I was to afraid to say what was on my mind because I didn't want to cause any ripples in your calm waters of life. I have been helped by all those people you have banned. They held my hand after I had lost my faith, walked away from a job, my son moved out and who were here to help me but Jim Rizo, Mommy dark, Randy Watters, Mark, and some others that shall remain nameless. There were those that encouraged me to write my experience to help others which I have done my part. I have allowed their stories from their hearts to float into my email and I have had to sit through countless tears while providing assured comfort because they were at a crossroads and never encouraged anyone to leave the organization but to read and find their way. I would always leave them with an open mind to discussion. Jim Rizo is a great man. He has helped countless people. For you to have banned him how could you? I thought he was gone and forgot that people where in need. In my book his words speak louder and clearer than hiding behind the computer cutting off pms and chat because you get your thrills from this? Tell me why I was treated like this? I did nothing wrong. I asked in pm if I could have the link to the other site. You actually do sensor our pms and chat....WOW. And I thought going to the hall was bad, but coming here is worse. Answer me Simple Simon. Is it because I don't believe like you do? Is it because I have had to find my own way and don't fit in your reality of Jehovahs's Witness mind cult. No matter what you say you are still one of them. Wake up and smell the roses! They are starting to bite you in the derriere. Don't delete this post! I have a freedom called speech. If you put it in the restricted area I will realize the truth really does hurt and can be denied when you live in fear. For all you others who actually have a free mind good luck. Cathy

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