The denial of 1975 when and how did they go about it.

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  • Finkelstein

    Is you want to find stupid unsupported bible theology, look no further than the Watchtower Corporation.

  • zeb

    and don't forget the convention admonition...."Stay alive till '75.."

    go to google for these headings.

  • Finkelstein

    1975 is just but one of the long list of unsupported biblical dates or calculations made by this disingenuous corrupt religious publishing house. ie 1914, 1925 etc.

  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once

    The BS about how long Adam lived alone without Eve was the fail safe for the true believers. We heard that for a long time after October 75. I remember one old timer saying in 1986 that it "had been fifteen years that Adam was alone, no wonder Jehovah created a helper for him". My god these people are like abused wives, will hang onto any straw rather than give up their abusive mate. Makes no sense.


    The denial of 1975 when and how did they go about it.

    Actually, it was sickeningly simple...

    Watchtower denied it ever happened, JW`s parrot whatever the WBT$ tells them.

    My own parents denied, what they spent years of their lives doing.

    Preaching "Armageddon by 1975" for the WBT$.

    Even more mind blowing, was when I figured out.

    Millions of other JWs suddenly got WBT$ Amnesia, about the history of their own lives.

  • watson

    It sounds like Jehovah let the leaders of his earthly organization mislead his people. Weird.

  • rebel8

    What I recall is them doing the same thing they have done throughout history--barely say, "Oops," blame it on the flock for misinterpreting, and start on the next prediction. Just research the false predictions they had in the 1800s forward and a pattern emerges.

    I just remembered some dumbasses in 1976 saying it was the King of the South's* bicentennial year that was being celebrated--wouldn't it be fitting if jehoopla struck down their pride with Armageddon?

    So basically they just moved on to the next date to look forward when billions would be executed and their bodies would be eaten by birds.

    *sorry if I've got that wrong--I don't remember my kings, just that giant statue with the crossed arms and crumbling feet lol

  • Bungi Bill
    Bungi Bill

    For quite a period there was just silence; almost like they hoped if nothing more was said about 1975, then just maybe people would quietly forget the matter. In fact, according to Raymond Franz in Crisis of Conscience, that is what at least one Governing Body member strongly suggested doing.

    Also in that same work, Raymond Franz readily admitted that when an apology was finally made (in 1980 - i.e. five years afterwards), it was a very watered down one!

    Other than that, over the years the WTS/GB has continued to deny the obvious about what they said and wrote in the years leading up to 1975. (One example of many comes to mind at a Circuit Assembly late in 1974. The District Overseer delivered a talk, in which we were cautioned about being "too" dogmatic about this date. However, he then completely undid what he had just said, by the concluding sentence of his talk, in which he loudly stated "But We Still Stand By Our Date of 1975!!!!!" )

    Needless to say, that remark brought a burst of applause from the audience. Bloody fools the lot of us!

  • Finkelstein

    It sounds like Jehovah let the leaders of his earthly organization mislead his people. Weird.

    Its not so weird upon the realization that the JWS organization has a publishing house operating at it core.

    The WTS's leaders may not be deeply sound bible theologians but they knew and were pressed to create specific doctrines to enhance the circulation of its own literature.

    Sure the gullible, naive and mentally indoctrinated were exploited but that's how business works most of the time.

    There is no governmental regulation that oversees and controls how religious charlatans sell and promote their products to the public.

  • tiki

    There was some view that even if the end did not come it is or was the right thing to do to stick to the religion and serve faithfully....that dedication was for life no matter what....Armageddon or not.....

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