The denial of 1975 when and how did they go about it.

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  • tor1500


    You all answered the question, the org. ran ahead of the scriptures and mentioned the year 1975....Stay alive until 75 or Stay alive to 75, however its worded..they said it...but like most said, most are so invested in the org. they just swallowed it...and took the blame....most witnesses have a victim complex....beat me beat me but don't ignore me....that's one of their biggest fears is to be ignored...just look at the assemblies, and KH's folks talking about nothing to look popular....if you walk by and listen to some of their conversations....oh boy...I saw so and so in this street they send their love...I did x amount of hours...all air talk...sometimes I get corned but I know how to talk and keep it simple....I drop little gems...they kind of run from me....

    I know an x elder that told me don't let them witnesses say the org, never mentioned 1975, he even pointed me to some issues that said it...he was an elder then and an insider so to speak so he knows....he said folks won't admit it because it makes them uncomfortable....this guy is not angry with the org. he just saw behind the curtain...we still talk...he says it's ok that I'm a witness because I get it....I see through it...and when the time comes and if it comes I will know if it's right to stay or bounce....

    One day someone will have the nerve to ask the simple question Where did the friends hear the date 1975 from who or whom ? That's the meat and potato of the issue...the friends didn't pull out from no where...they say many ran with it...that may be true but who gave it to them to run with ? Many know the answer and it's ok to say hey they are lying and if you feel it's ok to stay then stay, but don't lie to yourself....admit they lied and keep it moving...


  • Juan Viejo2
    Juan Viejo2

    LisaRose wrote: "As 1975 grew closer the Watchtower was already back pedaling a bit about that date being the end. For a while not much was said about it, some people still believed it was going to happen any time, others did not, mostly people didn't talk about it. By the time the Watchtower did talk about it, they basically tried to shift blame, acting as if some people "went ahead of the things written" when the reality was that they did everything they could to make people believe that the world was ending while not actually saying so in so many words..."
    That was exactly what my father told me when he called and apologized for shunning my brother and I because we left the JWs a few years before. He took all of the blame on his own shoulders. He told me that F. Franz never really said that Armageddon would come in 1975, he simply said that "it could happen that year or soon after." My father used those exact words mentioned above - "your mother and I went ahead of the things written." They took all of the blame and did not accuse Franze or the Watchtower for anything that happened.

    The fact was that in Kingdom Halls everywhere, the elders were beating their flock with almost constant warnings to become more active, get rid of their doubts, divorce unbelieving spouses and ignore unbelieving children and other relatives who would not join their parade. That awful 1975 prophecy divided more families than just about any other thing the WT had ever done. For many JWs, it was a black and white issue: Believe in 1975 or get out and be shunned.

    And then the rank and file took all of the blame on their own shoulders. They were all convinced that the WT never said that 1975 would be the beginning of Armageddon for sure - but individual JWs (all 4 million or so of them) took it literally and ran with it. This was Jehovah's way of saying "don't run ahead of my organization - or even run alongside the WT."

    A lot of tears were shed, a lot of money and property lost, and a lot of medical procedures put off for too many years because JWs believed the big 1975 lie. The Watchtower will forever carry "blood guilt" over that major blunder.


  • tor1500

    @Juan Viejo2,

    You have proved the point....the org. pointed to the date Perry Mason would say, I rest my case....the witnesses were asked where did they get the date and under great duress, they admitted the and shut case....and again, WT I mentioned 2013, says in the past they did point to they again, have shot themselves in the foot....

    I just want to get my facts straight when one of the koolaide drinking friends come to me with a story that sounds like # 2...


  • Finkelstein

    It also fairs well to reflect upon the fact that Jesus himself admonished his "true" followers to make up a time upon god's own sacred time, so what the Watchtower did was go against bible principles in making a set time calculation, even concerning the date of 1914.

    So there you have it, the JWS is based on false bible teachings and faithful adherence.

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