Ending Bible Study

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  • Maria Nieves
    Maria Nieves

    I have been studying with Jehovah's Witnesses for approximately two years. Initially, I liked the studies and felt that I was growing closer to God. However, as the studies progressed, they seemed to become increasingly negative and I did not like what I was being taught.

    I no longer want to continue studying but I don't have the courage to say that to the Witnesses.

    I have seen people be disfellowshipped and I do not want to subject myself to that. It appears to me that the most appropriate approach is to slowly drift away but that is difficult to do when the witnesses keep in contact with me and I run into them in public consistently. I fear the repercussions of ending the study.

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    just say no.

    you cannot be disfellowshipped unless you get baptised first.

  • Listener

    As Stan says, say no.

    A lot of JWs will pressure their studies to do more the longer they study. This is what they are trained to do.

  • Maria Nieves
    Maria Nieves
    Thank-you for your quick response. Emotionally, it is difficult because the person that I have been studying with has devoted time and years. I worry that it will be embarrassing for the person who I have been studying with. I worry about how I will be treated by the Witnesses.
  • Slidin Fast
    Slidin Fast

    An item this week demonstrated that the "discontinuing" of bible studies like yours, if you are not "making progress" they are supposed to dump you.

    You don't need to fear repercussions just tell them you want a break and you will contact them if you want to recommence. Maybe they shouldn't hold their breath.

  • john.prestor

    You got their number? Tell them by text and block their number, or leave a note on the door that they'll see when they arrive and dont open it when they knock, you don't even need to talk to them directly.

  • Ding

    Thank the person for all the time they have spent with you but be firm about stopping.

    It's your life, not theirs, and you have every right to stop your study at any time.

  • waton

    ask them to show you on their I-pad the "stop the study video" that Sliding Fast mentioned and tell them: "I like that".

    "Dont call me, I will call you" is recommended there. bsw: That is not a bible study, it is wt indoctrination, brainwashing sessions.

    a real study of the bible will show you, that there are very few verifiable words in these outdated volumes.

  • Iown Mylife
    Iown Mylife

    Hi Maria, --it's natural to feel obligated to the person after they have spent so much time to study with you.

    But you have not only been receiving. You have given them hours of YOUR time that they report monthly. The best thing the Witnesses love is having regular Bible students, because it cuts down on the hours they have to spend in the door to door work.

    Maybe it would save embarrassment to answer the door and explain that you have thought about everything and you don't want to join their religion, and you don't want to continue the Bible study any further - but that you would love to continue the friendship if they are so inclined. They will probably say No, but at least they will know where you stand. Then when you see them in public, wave and smile.

  • Maria Nieves
    Maria Nieves

    I did see the video of discontinuing unproductive bible studies. It was first shown several weeks ago at the Kingdom Hall that I attend. It was shown again this week at the Kingdom Hall that I attend.

    When I first began to study, it was never said that the goal was for me to become baptized. However, as I progressed, it became clear that the goal was to become baptized.

    It was only after I had been studying for some time that I was taught that only Jehovah's Witnesses are clean and those who are not Jehovah's Witnesses are unclean. I do not agree with this and I do not believe it. I was also taught that the only friends that I am to have are Jehovah's Witnesses. I can be cordial with those who are not Witnesses but I must avoid association with them and am not to become friends with them. These are some of the things that have caused me to question whether the truth is actually the truth. I no longer believe the truth to be the truth.

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