What is the purpose of life?

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  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower


    A know it all attitude leads to brain shrinkage. A healthy part of being young is brain plasticity the ability to rewire neuronal pathways, youre no longer looking at the world as a child observing and coming to conclusion because of preconceived conclusions programmed into you by the Watchtower's reeducation program through meeting attendance and repetition of corporation themes, by personal study.

    Think for yourself, an not what has been programed into you. Take at easy man and I wish you the best. O and why would you want to be an elder? Why not aspire to something more beneficial like something you could make a good living for your future wife and kids?

  • Viviane

    Oh sweety. It wasn't advice. It would be cruel to give advice to someone who had no hope of executing on it.

    It was just pointing out that your insults are weak sauce because you don't make sense, you get your lies mixed up and you confuse yourself as you impotently shake your tiny, tiny fist of rage at me and hurl empty threat at me, threaten physical abuse and confinement and death from your equally impotent god.

    It was just a suggestion your stop embarrassing yourself. You're like a monkey flinging poop because he can't get attention from the ladies any other way.

  • John_Mann
  • looter

    Viviane, you are just so evil that it isn't even innocent anymore. And you just don't care about my feelings do you? My feeling being the young guy I am are horrible and vulnerable. I make a lot of sense, more than you. Why? Because it definitely doesn't make sense to keep ridiculing even knowing how it makes someone feels. You are just a monster disguised in a woman's body and I can attest to that fact. You have just made me very enraged now that I don't know what to do but to join you with your evil or continue to conquer it like I've been doing. You just don't realize that when you are gone, your soul will be criticized and you will feel everything you've done to me and my God, so keep up the evil work you've been doing. You will get your cut, eventually. Congratulations on hurting my feelings, Ms. Evil Queen.

  • DJS

    Looter, lay off the young guy nonsense. Based on one of your OPs you turned 18 five months ago. Now you are 20. How is your dad? Your mom? What music do you listen to? What's the name of your favorite groups? Songs?

    If you are 18 or 20 you should be out hanging with friends, playing sports and chasing tail. WTF are you doing on this site talking about religion? And based on your bio you joined this site 3 years ago, when you were 15???

    None of us are going to take you seriously until you give up the charade. We still won't take you seriously, but giving up the charade will help.

  • nicolaou

    Awww, poor widdle guy..

  • OrphanCrow

    Looter, nobody here believes that you are an 18 something guy. Or 19 something. Or 20 something.

    You display the typical behavior of somebody whose view of the world is based on feelings rather than reality. Your belief in god is a feeling - an emotion. And when someone questions your belief, you respond emotionally, not rationally.

    And when that fails, you resort to the Big Threat: God is gonna get you.

    You are powerless. You do not have personal power - you have to rely on an imaginary friend to fight the battles of the mind for you. God is simply a mental construct that steps in to make up for what you perceive to be your personal failings.

    God is only as powerful as you are. God is an exact replica of who you are - an impotent being with no power whatsoever

  • DJS

    Orphan Crow,

    That was profound. Well stated.

    Thank you.

  • Viviane

    That's Madame Evil Queen to you, looter, you and your impotent god.


    My feeling being the young guy I am are horrible and vulnerable..

    Congratulations on hurting my feelings, Ms. Evil Queen.....Looter

    *I Wonder If She Bought That?...Meh*

    .........*WHO CARES!........LOL!!*

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