What is the purpose of life?

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  • nicolaou
    looter: God does not permit people to murder as evident in his Ten Commandments to Abraham.

    Dude, have you ever actually read the Bible?

  • looter
  • LoveUniHateExams

    Well, I'm glad looter has shown us all what the purpose of life is.

  • Viviane

    To pretend to be 20 and call down impotent judgement upon people that don't take trolling seriously?

  • looter

    Whatshalllcallmyself, just stop. I am in no way promoting mass murder. And by saying I am you are accusin me of actually being that way which I'm not. I believe in the commandments and have no affiliation with those who use God to promote their own warped destructive motives. So please don't put me in the same light as them because that would be prejudice. God does not promote mass murder because if he did he would not have written in the Ten Commandments that we all should not murder. Anyone who knows about Judeo-Christian should know this.

  • DJS


    Nine months ago Looter pretended to be 17. Now he's almost 21.

    At this rate of aging 3 years every 4 months he will be 30 in one year and an old man in approximately 4 years.

    Oh, wait . . .

  • OrphanCrow
    DJS: Nine months ago Looter pretended to be 17. Now he's almost 21.
    At this rate of aging 3 years every 4 months he will be 30 in one year and an old man in approximately 4 years.

    Do you think he is even a man? Boy?

    'He' seems to have to emphasize 'his' gender all the time. I wonder why that is? Eh...maybe he has a gender complex of some kind. And an age complex

    Eh...whatever. I'm gonna go and read Abraham's Ten Commandments. Gotta go check to see if Abraham said "thou shalt not lie"

  • looter

    Does everyone else see that? An evildoer decided to speak her idiocy again. It's all she got, though.

  • looter

    Our fulfilling the law in loving others is not the ground of our justification. The ground of justification is the obedience and blood-shedding of Christ alone, appropriated through faith alone before any other acts are performed. Our fulfilling the law is the fruit and evidence of being justified by faith. But how and can we justify this faith? In just one scripture it adequately describes how we all let alone this demonstration, of what is to be expected of the Lord. Orphan Crow, I'll have you know that it indeed was not purposeless why and God let his own son go through that. It cannot be purchased in the wrong way because we read in Romans: "By the works of the Law no flesh will be justified in His sight; for through the Law comes the knowledge of sin. But now apart from the Law the righteousness of God has been manifested, being witnessed by the Law and the Prophets, even the righteousness of God through faith in Jesus Christ for all those who believe; for there is no distinction" Why did I have hat scripture because I wanted you to know why I think it isn't "pointless" as you say.

  • WhatshallIcallmyself

    Looter -

    In those stories that were written back before mankind knew any better your god killed thousands upon thousands of people personally and sat back whilst his worshipers killed thousands upon thousands more. Have you bothered to read the Bible, ever? What you are in essence saying is that you act and behave in a manner that has nothing in common with this entity that you believe offers us the best example of how to live our lives; and yet here you are promoting this entity and its commandments...

    What is going on inside your head?

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