What is the purpose of life?

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  • OrphanCrow
    looter: Of course you would say I know nothing about it because you don't even believe in God and like, Viviane, you believe my faith to be juvenile.

    You know nothing about my beliefs or lack of beliefs. Nothing. You think you know. But you don't.

    And that is what faith is. Thinking you know what it is that you don't know.

    Pretending you have knowledge when you have none.

    All faith is juvenile. It is the nature of faith.

    And you, sir(?), exhibit juvenile behavior.

  • looter

    All of this nonsense aside, the purpose of life is what it says in Genesis twenty eight. God wanted humans to multiply and serve him. Usually the self purpose of most people is to be happy and they usually are when they apply God's purpose.

  • Viviane
    How could I be happy doing math for an impotent god?
  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower

    Hey Loot I just couldn't resist:

    God wanted humans to multiply and serve him. Usually the self purpose of most people is to be happy and they usually are when they apply God's purpose.

    So you are sounding a tad bit biased don't you think? It has been ingrained in your mind to naturally think that way from the time you were a baby no doubt,, but think back if that is all you are taught it might be better analyze those belief because you got the rest of your life ahead of you. Since now you are entering into adulthood and as such . Your brain will serve you better and be healthier if your search leads you to some more profound changes in understandings of the worlds and the Deities we have imagined up. In the begining there is discomfort but it is all good so just consider them growing pains in the ass that eventually lead to greener pastures so to speak.

    Good Luck Kid! Glad your young you got your whole ahead of you.

  • looter

    Viviane, just because you don't believe in God does not mean I am lying about him existing. That's arrogance and I resent arrogant especially strong arrogance like yours. And no I was not an expletive for defending my faith. And since when does being a jerk equate with believing in God? The fact that you continue to call the Lord impotent shows that you have no respect for my beliefs because you think they are stupid and to be honest, that is grade school thinking. The sayings of: Oh, your belief is so stupid, why do you believe in that ,you are so stupid, is basically your line of thinking which is juvenile in the most sound way possible I can say it. How can you say no one can call me anything when you just called me expletives more than 2 times? What if I think you are being an expletive too. Do I call you out on ? No, I attempt to reason with you but it is hard to reason with someone who constantly mocks and ridicule.

    Since that is your game just to mock and ridicule and call my God impotent then you just have no line of respect and attempt to say that I have no respect when I am a God-fearing man, so I have bundles of respect for the common man and God himself which is the best thing for a human being to have and you don't have that respect and you attempt to call me out on being an expletive. That doesn't make that much sense does it? No, it definitely does not make any sense and it will never make sense because, if anything, you are the one being the expletive because you constantly call names like a child at Yah even though he has created you and just because you don't believe that does not give you the right to say those things. But actually it does, but your having to say those things about him just shows who you are at the end of the day. Keep it up because God never forgets his wrath and you will be first on the list for his vengeance.

  • looter
    By the way, Viviane, you are actually dumber than you look.
  • looter

    BB, I appreciate the help but I know the truth and I am not afraid to defend it. Even though I'm only 20, I feel much wiser beyond my years in spirit like I can be a true elder and I have come to the conclusion that my knowledge is irrefutable. But thank you, though.


    I am not a brat! I am almost 20.....Looter

    Even though I'm only 20.....Looter

    Did you have a Birthday in the Last 8 1/2 Hrs?!..


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  • Viviane

    Looter, your rage and impotence are showing. Yours and your god's.

    Also, try making sense sometime. It will makes your attempts at insults more effective. Right now they're a bit impotent.

  • looter

    You sound dumb. I make more sense than you ever could because all you do is name calling really kill my God and me. That shows that you cannot be trusted so that means that your advice is useless so you are the one who is really impotent.

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