What is the purpose of life?

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  • Twitch

    What is the purpose of life?

    To live.

  • Chook

    I think on our death bed that our few regrets maybe not showing as much kindness as we could have. So moral of story is to give of ourselves more.

  • nicolaou
    John_Mann: We created your precious science. Even the language used by science is ours. We use science to achieve our task to name every specie so it must be in our holy language.
    We call ourselves Ecclesia.
    And we know something about you.

    Shark, jumped.

  • looter

    John_Mann you have a good point. It's too bad some people cannot get your point no matter how simple it is. Don't pay Viviane no mind, all she does is assert that you're wrong and have no undertanding no matter what you say. By the way, this entire thread you've had some interesting perspectives on the matter and you have to be applauded for your case I nice manner.

    I'm a youth of God and he wanted our purpose to be hapiness. The best way we can be happy is to give him the best we can in our life, relationships, and actions. That explains it the best way the his holy power in me could. Good night.

  • nicolaou

    And the deluded applaud each other. I'm out.

  • Viviane
    You can prove this for yourself, you already knows that. You only have to accept what you already know, what you always knew.

    More like a run of the mill nutter seeking importance. "I am scaaaary! I have seeeecret knowledge! I am a phantom!"

    JM is a straight up loon.

    John_Mann you have a good point. It's too bad some people cannot get your point no matter how simple it is.

    It's always nice when people just go ahead and let you know they're nutters so you don't have to spend time figuring it out.

  • cofty
    I'm a youth of God and he wanted our purpose to be hapiness. - Looter

    The facts prove otherwise.

  • John_Mann
    Shark, jumped.


    Yes I admit some poetic licence in that.

    But Linnaeus was a Christian and he knew the Divine task of Adam when he created the binomial nomenclature. And he chose to use the ecclesiastical language to do that.

    And science was created by Christians.

    I just put some jumping poetry to this historical fact. :)

  • slimboyfat

    I agree that it seems impossible for us to reconcile God's almightiness and his goodness in our mind amid a world with so much suffering.

    There are two different logical conclusions we can draw from this:

    1. There is no amighty, loving God.

    2. God is both almighty and loving but the human mind is not equipped to understand how this is possible in a world with suffering.

    There may be an emotional attachment to option 1 for many atheists, but I can think of no logical reason for ruling out option 2.

  • Xanthippe


    3. 'God' created the universe but has no interest or intention to intervene in human affairs. Deism.

    Being a sci-fi fan I can just about imagine an alien, sounds less religious than a being, capable of creating a universe. Just about. Apart from the old who made him, where does he come from argument I have another question. How could such an alien exist with such mind blowing intelligence without having ever developed empathy, compassion, ethics?

    To just create sentient life and then ignore it, leaving it to wonder about its origins and cause appalling suffering trying to guess where we came from and what it's all about. Yes I can just about imagine that might be possible with a cold, perhaps what we would call 'left brain' mentality. Still it's hard to conceive of, such genius without any morality at all.

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