Evolution is a Fact - Index of Parts 1 - 40

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  • Perry

    The professor has an open invitation. All you have to do is agree and I will do the rest to try and get it set up. So far you haven't said yes.

    Run ..... Forrest ..... Run

  • cofty

    Perry you clearly haven't ever met or spoken to this prof. You don't know him, he doesn't know you, has never heard of me. Your so-called offer is nothing more than your usual lying for Jesus.

    I have presented 40 separate threads each containing hard evidence that support the fact of evolution. If you want to discuss any of them with questions or counter arguments in your own words feel free.

    You don't get to change the subject to any one of thousands of details I have not covered yet.

    So far you haven't even had the humility to read a single book that presents the scientific evidence for evolution. Your ignorance is a choice. I used to be where you are now. I thoroughly understand both sides of the question. You live in a self-imposed thought-bubble.

    Your loss. Evolution is a fact. Most sincere christians have no problem with that.

  • Perry

    Funny that's you and Outlaw who both have imaginary professor friends.....cofty

    You could have asked Simon to confirm it anytime you wanted.
    You really are a very, very little man.

    With an incredibly large mouth and no backbone.

  • cofty

    I have produced forty threads in this series. Every one explained and illustrated in my own words. Each based on many hours of reading and research conducted during the past 10 years.

    The sources for these posts are a large range of science books and articles written by leading experts in their own specific fields. Their books are in turn backed up by countless peer-reviewed academic papers that you can access if you have the interest to do so.

    On the other hand Perry you admit you have never read a relevant science book in your entire life.

    You could read my threads and engage in a dialogue about things you don't understand or can't accept. That way you would learn things and others might enjoy the conversation.

    Insted all we get is grandstanding, abuse and lying.

    Why are you so afraid of the fact of evolution Perry? The vast majority of christians have come to terms with it and maintained their faith. Do you think you are a more faithful christian than they are for managing to ignore the facts of modern science? Would god be diminished in some way if humans evolved over millions of years?

  • cofty

    Good to know you are paying attention Outlaw.

  • Saename

    Perry, I'd like to remind you that you are committing a logical fallacy―the argument from ignorance. You conclude that evolution is false because cofty cannot answer your specific question, in this case the question about how natural selection accounts for the growth of a caterpillar into a butterfly. The argument from ignorance is when you conclude that p is false because it has not shown to be true (or vice versa.)

    In this specific case, cofty hasn't demonstrated that p is true, p being the proposition, "In practice, evolution can and does account for the growth of caterpillar into a butterfly." Hence, your conclusion is that p is false. This is not how science is done. Before you conclude that p is in fact false, you need to find evidentiary support for this conclusion. The same applies to cofty, and the same applies to you. If you ignore that, you are committing the aforementioned fallacy.

    There are two other problems. Firstly, cofty has not actually claimed p. You have. The only conclusion you can imply from cofty's history of posts is that he claims q, q being the proposition, "In principle [not in practice], evolution can and does account for the growth of caterpillar into a butterfly." Insofar as I understand cofty's position, he is saying that in principle, there is an answer to your question. His evidence is his 40 posts on the topic of evolution. Hence, I think he would argue, if you look into Google Scholar, you will find an answer--because the answer exists in principle. Do not respond to this part of my comment unless you understand the philosophical distinction between answers in principle and answers in practice.

    Another problem is that you are dishonestly shifting the burden of proof. You conclude that p is false because nobody has demonstrated it to be true. But wait a second: it is your job, as well as anybody else's, to provide evidence for your conclusion. If p is false, you need to demonstrate that. But needless to say, of course, cofty hasn't claimed p anyway. His position, as far as I understand it, is q.

    If you, Perry, want to continue your conversation with cofty while ensuring it is productive, I would advise you to stay on the same page as he. Otherwise, you will just end up committing fallacies. If his position is not p but q, prove that q is false--not p. And to prove that q is false, you would need to discredit his past 40 posts, which is actual evidence for the claim that in principle, evolution can answer your question.

  • Perry
    I have produced forty threads in this series.

    And the Watchtower has produced 100,000 times this much literature, so what? What do you have to gain from running from my two challenges to you? It certainly is not helping your cause. We can get this all cleared up if you just stop running away.

    Fact: The caterpillar liquefies his body; then the goo remakes itself into an entirely different organism requiring new legs, wings, antennae, heart, muscles and nervous system, and other features that allow for flight capability.

    Challenge Question: Can you explain (in your own words) how caterpillars and butterflies came to be, using only evolution principles such as random mutations, small incremental changes, and natural selection?

    In other words, which evolutionary process would prompt an organism to digest itself into goo? Which ones would then encourage the goo to develop new organs that would eventually allow it to beautifully fly away?

    Teach us oh wise one.

  • cofty
    What do you have to gain from running from my two challenges to you?

    I am running away from nothing.

    1 - Get me a personal message from your imaginary professor friend inviting me to meet with him.

    Can you explain (in your own words) how caterpillars and butterflies came to be using evolution principles such as random mutations, small incremental changes, and natural selection?

    No I personally can't but I can find plenty resources that contain the answers.
    I will deal with new topics of may choosing in my own time. I have covered 40 topics already. If I take time out to cover your insincere question you will immediately choose another one from thousands of potential challenges. If you really want to know how metamorphosis evolved you have access to all the same resources that I do. I am not your personal tutor. Since you have not read a science book in your life I would not suggest starting with such a challenging topic. I would be happy to recommend a suitable reading list.

  • Saename

    Another thing I forgot to mention is that even if cofty were to demonstrate that p is true, you, Perry, would then most likely commit the fallacy of moving the goalposts. You would just move on to another argument from personal incredulity. This is what evolution-deniers have been doing for a century and a half.

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