Evolution is a Fact - Index of Parts 1 - 40

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  • cofty
    Do you remember maybe where you and Tenacious had this conversation on evolution?

    To be honest I don't. I have had quite a few discussions on this topic. Maybe Teancious will remember which thread it was?

  • Simon
    The troll has left the building
    Hope so.

    Trust me, he has.

    (spins imaginary delete revolver round his finger, spaghetti western style, blows end of finger and puts it in imaginary holster, turns and gives mean stare to camera, sees wife giving him a "WTF are you doing?" look ... makes excuse and leaves).

  • Bad_Wolf
    Evolution has no need for an "intelligent designer". There is no question that cannot be answered by naturalistic methods. Methodological Naturalism is the bedrock of science.

    No question that can't be answered? We are still unable to create plants and animals out of nothing or show the exact recipe of chance, chemicals, etc that resulted in all we see. As soon as humans start creating life from scratch, from just chemicals that would have existed as the start of earth, then I might believe that. But your argument to me is like saying anything with a recipe can spontaneous appear, a chocolate cake, apple pie. Let's see on an apple pie, white gets ground up into flour by falling down and rocks rubbing against it, then gets some water, becomes dough, and a tree falls down and flattens it, then some apples not too far away fell down and rolled over and sharp rocks happened to cut them up and they land atop the dough. cinnamon and sugar find their way into it, then a tree falls down hits the rock the partially done pie was on, it catapults to a nearby forest fire that has been dying down, and the hot embers cook it. Now this pie is IMPOSSIBLE for humans to make, but all those random acts of nature made it. And then from that apple turnovers, apple bread, apple dumpling, etc.

    All the billions of life happened to have these coincidences happen, but yet we can't do it. Why is it we can duplicate and improve upon anything in nature except having to do with life? As soon as we start designing from scratch all types of animal and plant life, which should be a piece of cake since everything on earth just happened by chance like my apple pie example, it should be super easy for us to do it all.

    All science has shown is the similarities and links to life. And the 'exisiting' life evolving.

  • cofty

    Bad_wolf - For the hundredth time evolution is NOT about the origin of life.

    Evolution explains how millions of species descended from a common ancestor. The evidence for this is not simply about showing a few similarities. You could only say that if you had never taken the time to examine the evidence.

    I used to be just like you. I thought I had powerful arguments against evolution. One day I realised that I was arguing about something that I actually knew nothing about so I began to study the evidence. I was astonished by how ignorant I had been.

    That is why I wrote this series. If you actually read the OPs of these 40 threads, or even a sample of them, you would be embarrassed by what you just wrote.

  • Saename

    Bad_Wolf: Therefore, God did it, eh?

    That's just one big argument from personal incredulity.

  • Perry
    Bad_wolf - For the hundredth time evolution is NOT about the origin of life.
    There is no question that cannot be answered by naturalistic methods.


    Fact: The caterpillar liquefies his body; then the goo remakes itself into an entirely different organism requiring new legs, antennae, heart, muscles and nervous system.

    Question: Can you explain (in your own words) how caterpillars and butterflies came to be using evolution principles such as random mutations, small incremental changes, and natural selection?

    Teach us.

  • cofty

    Off the top of my head no I don't know the specific details of butterfly embryology. I'm not near a computer right now but why don't you do a search on Google Scholar and I guarantee you there will be a plethora of peer reviewed papers that explain the process at a genetic level.

    One of the problems is that you lack knowledge of the most basic science so describing complex stuff like evo devo is like explaining calculus to somebody who can't count to ten.

  • WhatshallIcallmyself

    "One of the problems is that you lack knowledge of the most basic science so describing complex stuff..." - Cofty

    Well considering that he uses words like "liquefies" and "goo" to describe this process I would suggest that you are correct in your assumption.

    Perry - Perhaps you should pray for enlightenment! That should work...

  • Perry
    is like explaining calculus to somebody who can't count to ten.


    For years you have started these silly posts and they all end up the same.... void of intelligent design (arguments).

    Your responses predictably follow two tracts when confronted:

    1. Wait on Jehovah (Scientists) - The big shots are working on it.

    - Here you tacitly admit that you yourself are clueless. Since you have no science degree of any kind whatsoever, you are forced to rely on (presumably) high school level perceptions where you arbitrarily select experts and ignore the rest. This requires an extraordinary level of credulity far beyond that of simple faith.

    2. I have the answer, others have the answer; but you are too ignorant to understand it.

    - Here you go to the other extreme and pretend to be too intelligent and so are not required to provide any evidence what-so-ever for your ridiculous claims since no one can understand them.

    - But when offered an expenses-paid vacation where you would get your chance to convince a Phd. scientist on your claim that "there is no question that cannot be answered by naturalistic methods"; you turn tail and run away. What new excuse do you have for this latest refusal to back up your claims?

    Are you okay living a life where you run away from the readers of your posts like this? What are you trying to accomplish? Many people are no longer swayed by this kind of deception..... not after all the crap we went through with the Watchtower.

    My challenges to you still stand:

    1. Free trip to Houston to explain evolution to a Phd. Scientist who doesn't understand how it can explain life as we see it.

    2. Still waiting on your explanation on how mutations and unguided natural selection can account for the caterpillar melting itself into liquid and growing new organs and body features that include flight capability.

    While you determine whether or not to actually back up any of your claims, you might enjoy this little clip:


  • cofty

    40 posts in this series so far Perry and you have not refuted one of them.

    Your grandstanding is fooling nobody except yourself.

    I already asked you if your imaginary professor friend actually requested a meeting with me as you stated. So far you have not replied.

    Funny that's you and Outlaw who both have imaginary professor friends.

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