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  • Perry

    Sorry for the double post.

    Coded Logic says:

    Why is Perry such a jerk? Instead of addressing any of the issues raised by Crofty Perry instead tries to go after Crofty's level of education.

    He started the thread silly, not me. Why hasn't he addressed any of the issues that I have raised? Why even start a thread if you are not going to apply the ideas the thread is about? In other words, why not test the ideas? Unless he is afraid to.

    Cofty has never in all the years I've talked to him offered even one application of the evolutionary principles that he preaches to any of the thought tests that I've presented to him.

    As I have pointed out many times, when asked to actually provide an explanation of observable phenomena using an evolutionary & naturalistic paradigm, Cofty repeatedly ignores the invitation and often retreats into one of two defensive positions.

    A. Wait on Jehovah - Got to go check with the Elders (scientists) they will tell me what to say one day.

    B. I am smart enough but you are not educated enough to understand the answer.

    Since Cofty often attacks the intellect and education of those that question him, it most certainly is right and proper to question Cofty's level of scientific education, which of course everyone knows is ZERO .

    I have seen what uneducated "experts" can do; they can be very dangerous people, captives of their own pride and certitude. One such uneducated expert wiped out 6 generations of my family before he was exposed as being clueless and a copier of other "experts" selectively chosen.

    Cofty is Fred Franz warmed over.

    So he [Professor Tours] remains openminded.
    Are you Perry?

    Of course. All of my responses to this thread are consistent, I have not wavered in my desire to be educated.

    All I ask if for Cofty to actually apply the principles he so copiously writes about to a bug. That should be easy enough. I'm not asking him to start with a human .... just a lowly bug - a caterpillar.

    And, if he honestly thinks that I'm not smart enough to understand, then I have offered him an expenses paid vacation to Houston to explain it to a Phd. scientists who really is educated enough to understand Cofty's (heretofore non-existent) explanations, since he makes molecules for a living. Does Cofty think that the professor is not educated enough to understand him as well? Or, is he terrified that he will himself appear as an uneducated fool when attempting to educate someone who makes molecules for a living?

    His refusals are eye-opening. No matter how you slice it, it appears that there is not ANY scenario imaginable where Cofty would be enticed to actually explain how his concepts account for observable data.

    Cofty has been doing this for years. I pop in periodically just to remind Cofty that although he has left the Watchtower, the Watchtower thinking hasn't left him.

  • Giles Gray
    Giles Gray
    Perry:-" Why hasn't he addressed any of the issues that I have raised? Why even start a thread if you are not going to apply the ideas the thread is about? In other words, why not test the ideas? Unless he is afraid to."

    You are the biggest culprit for running away afraid Perry. As soon as you are out of your depth in a debate, off you trot, never to return.

  • WhatshallIcallmyself

    "I'm not asking him to start with a human .... just a lowly bug - a caterpillar" - Perry

    Another example of this trolls ignorance: assuming that humans are the most complex of creatures...

  • Vidiot
    Whatshallicallmyself - "Or you could keep on mashing the keyboard with your head and hope enough of the resulting mess of characters will somehow cause the reader's mind to melt."

  • Saename

    There are two interesting things I noticed, Perry.

    Firstly, you criticize cofty for ignoring your criticism. But the fact is that you ignored my criticism. I showed you why your argumentation is logically fallacious.

    Secondly, you say that cofty doesn't have science education to talk about evolution. What education do you have that would make you a qualified god detector? Because, I presume, you believe in intelligent design?

  • Coded Logic
    Coded Logic

    Alright Perry, I'll take up your challenge. What would it take to change your mind about evolution?

  • Perry
    No I personally can't but I can find plenty resources that contain the answers.

    Got to go check with the "Elders" eh?

    Well, you have my permission to cut and paste the BEST ANSWER you can find. We are all depending on you: Here's the question again:

    Challenge Question: Can you explain (in your own words) how caterpillars and butterflies came to be, using only evolution principles such as random mutations, small incremental changes, and natural selection?

    In other words, which evolutionary process would prompt an organism to digest itself into goo? Then, which incremental processes and environmental pressures would then prompt the goo to develop new organs and a new body... not to mention the added capability of flight in a beautiful display of colors and designs?

    Get me a personal message from your imaginary professor friend inviting me to meet with him.

    Moving the goal posts eh? No way. He has an open invitation to "anyone". That includes you. Here is a quote from him:

    I posted on my Web site that I don’t understand. And I said, “I will buy lunch for anyone that will sit with me and explain to me evolution, and I won’t argue with you until I don’t understand something – I will ask you to clarify. But you can’t wave by and say, “This enzyme does that.” You’ve got to get down in the details of where molecules are built, for me. Nobody has come forward. - Professor James Tour

    You agree first. Then, I will try to set it up. That's the deal. If Simon will reinstate my ability to start posts, I will keep everyone posted on the developments with a thread dedicated for that purpose.

    Dr. Tour, like the rest of us would like molecules-to-man evolution explained.

  • recovering

    I believe in evolution. I do not think that we are positive about the exact biochemical mechanism of evolution yet. I do not think knowing the exact mechanism precludes that evolution is the most probable explanation of the origin of life. There is a plethora of scientific evidence that supports this conclusion. I believe that as scientific research continues we will indeed have a greater understanding of the mechanism s responsible for evolution. Ie. mitochondrial inclusion in all living cells.

  • wizzstick

    Perry is reduced to copying and pasting over and over again.

    It seems that being a Christian really does rot the mind.

  • recovering

    Sorry was i was trying to update you saename

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