Evolution is a Fact - Index of Parts 1 - 40

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  • slimboyfat

    Yes of course. I do not believe that "man is the measure of all things".

    As I see it there are various options:

    1. Objectivity is defined by how God views the world.

    2. Objectivity is defined by how humans view the world.

    3. Objectivity is defined by how worms view the world.

    Cofty apparently thinks the first has been disproved, the second is self-evidently true, and the third is ridiculous.

    Personally I think they're all problematic, including the second, which just happens the be the current orthodoxy. That doesn't make it true. And when Cofty is challenged to prove it all he can do is resort to ridicule. In the same way a medieval believer might ridicule anyone who expresses doubt in God.

    If anything I am leaning toward the first option as the most viable.

  • cofty

    Cofty apparently thinks the first has been disproved, the second is self-evidently true*, and the third is ridiculous

    *How humans view the world is not how I would describe objectivity but let's save that for another thread.

  • slimboyfat

    Why is the second self-evidently true?

    And if all you can offer is ridicule what makes you better than a medieval believer ridiculing disbelief in God?

  • cofty

    Seriously not on this thread.

    Start your own thread on epistemology.

    Posts must be on-topic

    In this forum, we discuss many different topics and it helps if any comments made on a topic are about that topic and not attempts to derail the discussion.

  • slimboyfat

    As the discussion shows: I was happy talking about evolution. It was you who cast up flat earth, postmodernism and worms. As usual.

  • cofty

    No you weren't talking about evolution you were nit-picking semantic details as usual.

  • Tenacious


    I appreciate your insight on evolution. You and I have been down this path before and beat it to death. We agreed to disagree.

    The reason I added the two videos was to have a different perspective.

    Just adding to the discussion not meant to impugn your research or attempt to hijack the thread.

    Take care mate!


  • cofty

    No worries Teancious.

    Next time you want to balance the discussion let me know and I will suggest some much more compelling arguments than the ones in those videos. They really were painful to watch.

  • Saename

    Do you remember maybe where you and Tenacious had this conversation on evolution?

  • slimboyfat

    Your thread claims "evolution is a fact". I was discussing whether evolution is a fact. This isn't nit picking, it's the central question.

    As usual you are the one who dragged up a flat earth and worms. And ironically blame me for responding.

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