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  • cofty
    The fossil record demonstrates a complete lack of evidence for evolution - Dumble F*ck

    The evidence for evolution from paleontology is astonishing. There is an embarrassment of riches. Since you have never read a single science book in your life you have no knowledge of this evidence.

    If you cared to educate yourself you might buy a copy of "Evolution - What the Fossils Say and why it Matters" by Donald Prothero. In fact there has been so many new discoveries in recent years he has had to write a new volume.

    How can anybody know so little about something and yet say so much so arrogantly?

  • Nimble duck
    Nimble duck

    How do you explain other human species like Neanderthals?

    Right through the late 1980's and early 1990's scientific research was done to debunk so-called 'neanderthals. They were proved to be human.

    I hope I will not be required to spoon feed you? Do some research.

  • cofty

    Dumble F*ck - For the fourth time...

    Please tell me which books that present the scientific evidence for biological evolution you have studied?

    I predict the answer is none and that you will evade this question - So far this prediction has a 100% success rate.

  • Sanchy

    There is no evidence that man and beast came from he same soup.

    That's not entirely true. Have you read the OP?

  • wizzstick

    Do some research.

    I did:

    Neanderthals are genetically distinct from modern humans, but are more closely related to us than chimpanzees are.

    Neanderthal Mitochondrial and Nuclear DNA

    Neanderthals have contributed approximately 1-4% of the genomes of non-African modern humans


    As you can see, we got 1-4% of our genomes from a different species.

    Right through the late 1980's and early 1990's scientific research was done to debunk so-called 'neanderthals. They were proved to be human.

    Wrong - keep up to date and stop living in the past.

  • cofty
    Have you read the OP?

    She/he has clearly never read a single word of the evidence in her/his entire life. She/he saw the word evolution and began typing the usual creationist lies and canards.

    In fact she/he is typing stuff that most creationists would be embarrassed to be associated with.

    Dumble F*ck is a troll.

  • cofty

    ND - I have sent you a genuine and sincere challenge by PM. I hope you have the maturity to accept it.

  • WhatshallIcallmyself

    Nimble Duck -

    The responses you are getting are for the benefit of those lurkers who might otherwise think your nonsense has some merit. You, yourself, are not worthy of a response because you are close minded, relying as you do on creationist lies...

    As an aside, it really is difficult to distinguish between an honest straight up creationist and a Poe. No matter how hard a Poe tries to strain the boundaries of credibility there will always be a real creationist ready to take it a step further.

  • cofty

    Here is my PM to ND....

    Hi ND - I want to know if you are ever going to be genuinely interested in holding an intelligent conversation about evolution. Do you have any real questions you would actually like an answer to? So far your behaviour on the forum has been a disgrace. I'm sure most creationists are too embarrassed to join in. You are acting like a childish troll and shutting down real discussion. How about you propose a specific genuine objection to evolution in your own words and set me the challenge of answering it. Then it will be my turn to do the same. Do you have the maturity to rise to the challenge or will you just carry on behaving like a self-indulgent teenager? Over to you

  • Nimble duck
    Nimble duck

    So ...you find somebody that refuses to fall down at your feet and praise your BS and you gang up and hurl insults, call those who refuse to acknowledge your 'superior intellect' "unworthy".

    I have not tried to convince anyone that they should believe in God. I have merely refused to accept the evolutionist bologna. It's been you force feeding and me (others) puking it up.

    Dumble F*ck is a troll.

    This is what I have come to expect from they who don't believe in a God. Obviously, your personal 'evolution' has some catching up to do.

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