For any that still believe in God and Jesus, what is your reasoning on this matter?

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  • cofty

    Niknak - If god wants a personal relationship with all of us like a loving father how do you explain the hiddenness of god?

  • Bro-jo

    Niknak. You stated: "in the past He has been angry with us and He has disciplined us. Nobody doing wrong likes to be corrected. But if you do right, you have nothing to worry about." Can you give me an example of this anger, discipline, and correction from him in your own case?

  • lriddle80

    Cofty, I guess the first thing I would challenge is that any life is "innocent" because there is original sin, though if you don't believe in that, then it's pointless to argue.

    Also, I am probably a bad example of a person because I tend to focus on my own life and those in my circle of influence. Outside of that, I don't know. The Bible says we overcome by the word of our testimony, so I focus on that.

    Irresponsible, maybe, but God is present and comforting despite the hell my life can sometimes be. We went through a nightmare with my son and God revealed the whole depravity in small doses as to not completely overwhelm us. I was fasting during this time and prayed he would get caught for anything he tried to do and my son literally got caught in all the sneaky things he was trying to do. God showed me he was there every time I felt unseen, lonely, forsaken. He showed how good he was even though what my son was involved in wasn't. And now, since we've come through it, our family is the strongest it ever was. I believe we had a type of house of cards aspect to our family. My husband had checked out in his own way, I hadn't realized I was checked out and my son was involved in terrible things and God revealed it. Now my husband is completely different, I am different and my son is going to have a future, which he was close to not being alive. God is good.

    My present trial is with my Jehovah's witness family and it's been cool to see how God is answering prayers that I have been praying for over 10 years. I am in the middle of it, so I can't share yet, but he is working!

    I can't speak for other people. And I can't help people who don't want to see the beauty. I see it. Jesus is the way, the truth and the life...I am not. Seek God and he promises to let you find him.

  • stillin

    It really would be nice if there weren't so many bad people. No argument here. I'd like to see that.

  • slimboyfat

    I was quite surprised to find out something today. i found out that there is significant number of intelligent people who believe that the Patterson film is genuine and have written articles in support of it. If you don’t remember the name, then you will certainly remember the fuzzy video from the 1960s of a man in an Ape costume walking at the edge of a forest.–Gimlin_film

    How can anyone believe that was a real animal and not a human dressed up? I don’t know - the mind boggles.

    On the other hand there are many millions of people on the planet who claim to have had experience of God in their lives. If God exists it would stand to reason he would wish to make himself known to people, and many people claim he has done just that, in their lives. Sometimes I have the sense that the world makes sense and that God is the only explanation for why the world exists and why we can perceive the world as existing. I can’t understand how it could be that everything that exists does exist of itself and for no reason outside of itself. The only thing that makes any sense to me is that there should be someone outside of being who called all things that exist into existence for some purpose. And if we look at history and consider religious traditions, I think Christianity has much to recommend itself.


    I believe in God. To be clear, I mean the Father, the Son {jesus] and the Holy Ghost.

    The first and foremost reason is because God , himself, has revealed himself to me. No way that I could explain that to the doubters. And he has and not revealed himself to me because of my prayers, but because of the prayers of others. Want God to answer your prayers? Pray for those who need HIS help more than you.

    This is what led me to look into the real truth and history of HIS church. HIS bride.

    When looking for evidence you must have an open mind. If you look with anger, doubt and suspicion then you'll never see the truth.

    His church has given the world things that had never existed before and it was ALL brought about because of the love for all human beings [especially enemies] solely because we are all made in the image of God.

    Believe me, I know all about the inquisitions, the crusades, the pedophile priests and covering up bishops and a church filled with people who, although are part of HIS church, they still hate it and try to bring it down, yet there it is after 2000 years [almost]. Still standing.

    Some proof, [besides the whole human rights campaign on every level] could include Eucharistic miracles. Some of these have been scientifically verified through universities concluding that pieces of the Eucharist had turned into human [heart] tissue. these examples range from different continents over different centuries and all confirm a blood type of AB. Further testing has revealed that the blood that has only 23 or 24 chromosomes instead of 23 pairs of chromosomes. Calling bunk? Google it for yourself.

    As far as God of the OT being a spiteful being, consider that men only had HIS word and did not have the Spirit of HIS word. When the WORD was made flesh, we got to see the spirit of the law who comes with mercy or justice.Personally, I pray for HIS mercy.

    King Saul sinned against God and was punished. King David sinned against God and repented, but still had to pay for his sins.

    Judas sinned against Jesus and was punished, Simon/Peter sinned against Jesus and repented, but still had to pay for his sins.

    The fruits of Jesus's church have given the world gifts that no other faith, government or organization has ever given the people of the world. That is a fact.

    And I know that many will disagree, and that's OK by me. I am not ashamed of my savior and God , Jesus.

    I only wish my head was on


  • cofty

    I have no respect for faith that pretends to be based on scientific evidence.

    Don't insult us with fairy stories about 'eucharistic miracles' just have the balls to say you believe despite all the evidence against the dogma because it makes you happy to do so. I could respect that.

  • Incognito

    I sometimes wonder how complete 'the bible' is, compared to the original manuscripts?

    For example, I have seen it suggested by Bible scholars, that each of the Apostles including Judas, had their own testaments.

    My thought if that is true, why are only some Apostle's books included in the Bible while others are not? Who made the decision to exclude information, and for what purpose? For the books that are included, where they also edited to change the originally intended message?

    If the bible is missing information, perhaps the missing info indicates the god named in the OT, is not the same God and Father spoken of but not named in the NT.


    I really expected more of a rebuttal from YOU Cofty. Petty insults? I thought we moved past that. And I also thought that you were a little more intelligent too.

    I hope you like the music. Incorrupted bodies of saints from Youtube below. Jesus stated that HIS church would be accompanied by signs and wonders.

  • cofty

    I don't see any insults in my post, don't be so precious.

    Faith and evidence are diametrically opposed.

    'Eucharistic miracles' are risible.

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