For any that still believe in God and Jesus, what is your reasoning on this matter?

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  • BourneIdentity

    In the Old Testament, God was always full of anger and jealousy resulting in the murder of millions of people.

    We’re told Jesus perfectly reflects his fathers qualities. Why in the New Testament does Jesus show no hint of anger and jealousy and wanting to kill people? His ministry was all about compassion and forgiveness.

    Does this mean Jehovah realized he made mistakes in the past and when Jesus came to earth, he wanted people see how he changed and thinks and feels now towards humans? That whole issue has made me pause a lot and think WTF?

  • blondie

    I realize that is not a direct answer to the question, but as I neither say there is no god or that Jesus never existed, I would share this (reached after 20 years of reading, observing, and pondering).

    1. If there is a god, he certainly is not the one represented in the bible

    2. Even if Jesus were not the son of god or a real person, many of the things he said ring true

    It was a few years after being out and looking at things with a wider viewpoint, I asked myself, are there any original manuscripts of the bible, Hebrew and/or Christian?

    I researched and there it was the WTS admitting that there were not, even the Christian part.

    Here are some WTS statements I found and after:

    First side step (or circular reasoning) by WTS:

    True, we do not have the Bible writers’ original manuscripts. But we really should not expect to have those manuscripts. Why? Because of the materials on which they were written, a certain ancient Jewish custom, and the history of the times since the writing....True, in the hot, dry climate of Egypt, many papyrus manuscripts have survived for thousands of years. But that is exceptional.

    Today, however, no manuscripts of the “New Testament” from the first century C.E. are available for us to examine. So no one can check the original Greek manuscripts of the “New Testament” to see whether the Bible writers used the Tetragrammaton…

    (but then)

    True, it would be exciting to find the actual document that Moses or Isaiah wrote. But we really do not need the originals. The important thing is not the document but its contents. And miraculously, despite the passing of many turbulent centuries and much copying and recopying, we can be confident that the Bible still contains the information found in those ancient original manuscripts. Hence, this Scriptural statement has proved true: “All flesh is like grass, and all its glory is like a blossom of grass; the grass becomes withered, and the flower falls off, but the saying of Jehovah endures forever.”​—1 Peter 1:24, 25.

    Even though original Bible manuscripts were not preserved, how is it true that God’s word is “alive”?

    Jehovah did not preserve the original manuscripts in which his ancient penmen wrote those prophecies. But his “word,” his declared purpose, has proved to be a living word. That purpose moves irresistibly forward, and as it does, the inner thoughts and motivations of people whose lives are touched by it become manifest. (Hebrews 4:12) Furthermore, the historical record shows that the preservation and the translation of the inspired Scriptures themselves have been by divine providence.

    (Yes, while Jehovah may have preserved his “saying” forever, he could not preserve his name even by divine providence. So why should we be “confident”? BTW the bible says that “by divine providence” Jesus’ followers became known as (wait, wait) as Christians (not Jehovah’s witnesses, not even any where in the Christian scriptures but only as Jesus’ witnesses, i.e., witnesses of Jesus.)

  • waton

    well, "Jesus" said he will mete out judgement more severe than the on old Sodom and Gomorrah! or?

    just observing.

  • Giordano

    Religion is used to fill the gap in our understanding about what is real and what is not.

    All religions provide a delusion which is internal, In days past Illusion was used to distort our senses. While illusion is a physical phenomenon, delusion pertains to the mental aspect.

    Religion is supported by Illusion and delusion. Which makes it a poor excuse in the lives of a large part of of the world's population who have to live with their ignorance, needs and wants which are unfulfilled.

    Religion provides a distraction similar to the misdirection of a skilled magician who can produce objects out of thin air. A good trick performed in front of others offers a collective understanding that we don't really need to understand everything but to just sit back and enjoy the performance.

    If you and your family, friends or community are laughing and or exclaiming together..............................all is well.

    If something is not real but slightly understood you are experiencing religious belief.

  • Prester John
    Prester John

    Anybody ever wonder why the Gospels were written down if the end was meant to come so soon?

    Why preserve them for future generations if there aren't meant to be any?

  • waton
    PJ: Anybody ever wonder why the Gospels were written down if the end was meant to come so soon

    Or the other question: why were they written down so late? requiring, as the daily text recently mentioned : "holy spirit will remind you". after 40 years?

    Any sane person would have kept a diary, recording right away.

    Any later , even current account is unreliable. remember the invisible gorilla in the ballgame?

  • niknak

    What I noticed is that many people will question the Word because they feel they can put human logic to a God that is limitless. To put human logic to all that God has written is like putting God in a box. God can, will, and does make our impossibles possible. Because tomorrow (on this earth) is not promised today, then wouldn't it be reasonable to say that the end is right around the corner for each of us individually? That is why He states that our salvation is individual. I believe His Word and I believe that the Bible is (Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth). Now should we be around to witness the great tribulation and Jesus coming down to destroy the evil that exists, then so be it, but I would like to hope that I am obedient enough to be taken before that happens and that I actually make it to my Heavenly Father's house where He has prepared a place for us. But to answer the question of why the Gospel was written down if the end was meant to be so soon, is because God longs to save us. Not destroy us. He longs to guide us and have a personal relationship with us like any loving parent. It's one of the ways He speaks to us, and those who read it and apply it, can only benefit from it. It is then that you will know what He means by finding rest in Him. A true peace and sound mind that you can't get anywhere else. Hope this helps someone reading. I know Jesus is real. I know because He has changed my life. I have had knowledge but no knowledge compares to the relationship and sound mind you get from applying what He speaks. I pray all of you experience Him the way I have and more. Just remember that He is our Heavenly Father, in the past He has been angry with us and He has disciplined us. Nobody doing wrong likes to be corrected. But if you do right, you have nothing to worry about. God is the same yesterday, today and forever. It's humans that have to change. God doesn't change but His approach may change out of love for us and understanding that we are from dust.

  • smiddy3

    God is the same yesterday, today and forever.

    In the Old Testament, God was always full of anger and jealousy resulting in the murder of millions of people.

    We’re told Jesus perfectly reflects his fathers qualities. Why in the New Testament does Jesus show no hint of anger and jealousy and wanting to kill people?

    ? niknak ?

  • blondie

    smiddy3, I used to think Jesus was different, But remember the WTS teaches that Jesus' future role is to lead the angels in the destruction of the wicked on earth at Armaggeddon (only baptized jws in good standing and their minor children).

    I asked a woman at the door once if she imagine Jesus with an AK-47 killing people. She said yes, and this used this thought about Jesus executing the wicked after he returned to heaven. Yes, Jesus did no executions while on earth, but back in heaven seems to be a different story.

  • I quit!
    I quit!

    When I first left the JWs around 1980 there was no internet. Most of the help and information you got came from Christian sources so I think a lot of people that left the Jehovah's Witnesses back then went that way including myself even though I couldn't buy into many of the fundie beliefs. I couldn't believe in things like hell, the anti gay crap, the end times nonsense (which I had had enough of as a JW) to name a few. Nowadays with the internet it is much easier to get help and information when you are leaving the JWs without any religious ideas attached to it. When you go online to investigate the Watchtower now you find that many of the sources you come across are also critical of the Bible and religion in general and make valid points.

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