I’m Seeing Some Trump Fatigue Out There

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  • MeanMrMustard
    Not a lover of Biden but at least he's sane!





    Are you trolling us?

  • Hotpepper

    Trump is going to win going to win very navigate Michelle Obama's going to run for vice president in the Wind smoking some kind of good stuff

  • minimus

    Insane not sane!

  • RubaDub

    Hotpepper ...

    Great clues.

    I'm rearranging the words to come up with the final answer.

  • WTWizard

    I think he is the best we have. Anyone that is genuinely honest and will genuinely put this country first would simply be prevented from being nominated, so we are going to end up with what we always had. Which is two candidates that will work for globalism. Regardless of whether or not I think one of them is good, it is which one is the least bad--and this is the best we have had for a while (and I mean since Reagan).

    I think KILLary would have lied even worse, and done even more to put us under communism. Under KILLary, we would be in a shooting war against Iran, coronavirus or no coronavirus (and they would officially blame people that simply wanted to enjoy anything). Under KILLary, we would have had jail terms for anyone that went out in public, mask or no mask (while we are getting drafted into World War III). We would have had full gun confiscation (criminals exempt). We would have had full race wars where the white race could not legally defend itself, South Africa style or even worse. We would still have been on the hook for events we had nothing to do with, just as written in that bible about original sin. Taxes would be much higher. And KILLary would have ordered vaccinations against coronavirus, along with the draft (up to age 55, not 27) into war. And RFID chips.

    Biden is no better. That thing pretends to not be able to think clearly, even going as far as deliberately claiming that the black thing is to vote Biden instead of Trump (as if one could change one's race simply by voting for a candidate instead of another). Once in, we will simply be marched into World War III, pandemic or none. We will get that vaccine, safe and effective or not (along with bans on quercetin and zinc, both of which work to prevent these viruses from doing their thing). We will see South Africa style extermination of the white race, and enslavement under Noahide Law of the other races. It will be a crime to display the flag--even those flags that are printed on your mandatory mask (yes, the American flag will be offensive even on patriotic holidays, and yes the masks will still be mandatory after the vaccinations).

    All the while, energy shortages will be created out of nowhere. We are still officially warming the planet, whether or not it is factually correct (political correctness is all that matters). All fossil fuels are banned, and all development of nuclear (fission or fusion) energy or harnessing the free energy that is everywhere in the universe is halted. Solar and wind is our only energy source--and we all know how reliable that is.

    Not to mention, if Biden croaks in office, will we end up with Rubbish Pelosi or the Lizard Warren for president? I know both are communists, and either would end the white race (while degrading and enslaving the others) and prosperity forever. Perhaps astrology favors change for the better in 2024, but under Biden or one of its next in line tyrants, we are not even going to make it that far.

    I think I will put up with whatever "sins" Trump commits instead.

  • Simon

    I would support anyone if it meant we were spared having pictures of Michelle Obama being on every magazine cover and TV show with everyone fawning over her pretending she's beautiful because 'cmon, she really isn't ... by a long way - she has to be one of the ugliest women on the planet.

    I don't care how woke you are, Melania Trump is one of the most beautiful women to grace the WhiteHouse for some time.

  • Las Malvinas son Argentinas
    Las Malvinas son Argentinas

    “Difficult to see... always in motion is the future”

    This isn’t even the end of Act II yet. Biden still needs to choose a VP which is important due to his age and reputation as a placeholder candidate just to oust Trump. Who he chooses will define how much in bed he wants to get in with BLM and the left. It’s like planning a landing from space. Too much to the left then he owns the chaos and anarchy. Too much to the right and he loses his base. There are still statues to topple and white people to shame. Buckle up!

  • minimus

    Regarding Michelle, I am sure the way the country is, any talk negative of Michelle Obama means that you are a racist

  • Daniel1555

    Sadly at the moment Covid19 is growing exponentially in the US. Also the number of people having to go to hospital is growing rapidly.

    Trumps health experts warn a longer time about this, but he is ignoring them, doing his rallies (many not wearing masks) and even suggesting to test less.

    A big crowd yelling and screaming behind closed doors..... Thats the best way to spread the virus.

    This will backfire leading to a huge loss in the elections. I wonder how he can place his narcissism over the wellbeing of the US nation.

    Just my prediction.

  • minimus

    The more testing the more cases recorded. Duh.

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