Not invited to congregation “get togethers”. They finally said it

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  • Incognito

    Reliable meeting attendance and 'being seen' in field service is the price of admission to JW social functions.

    As JW social functions are often lame, many PIMO JWs would be relieved to be excluded. Unfortunately, when JWs have few friends or opportunities for enjoyment, then any social function is better than nothing, even if it is lame.

    You will likely benefit to make friends and persue interests independant from JWs before you leave, to make departing the religion less traumatic, and to provide things to enjoy and look forward to.

    We attended a circuit assembly where the elder speaker stated he and his family ONLY associate with those that are stronger in the truth than they are. My thought was, he'd better hope the people he and his family associate with do not have that same attitude otherwise, they will not associate with that elder and his family since they will be the weaker ones.

    So much for the flock being cared for by the Sheppard.

  • Incognito
    Family and money is involved. It’s complicated. That’s why we don’t leave the cult.

    So, how long do you remain unsettled, unhappy and waiting for something to happen that other people decide and control?

    Life is short. Live your life on your own terms, before the opportunity passes you by.

  • solomon
    we’re actually quite happy living life the way we are. I don’t believe I ever mentioned we are unhappy.
  • EmptyInside

    A little over 10 years ago,a wealthy elder and his pioneer wife would have regular parties for the "in" crowd. Of course,I wasn't invited,but never liked them.

    But,I later found out at these parties, there was heavy drinking and lap dances,lol.

    There was a couple who left in disgust once they got there.

    This couple were one of the main ones who slandered a member of my family ,accusing him of cheating on his wife,which wasn't true. It led him down to serious depression,even contemplating suicide.

    But,then,guess who cheats on his wife,you guessed it,the elder having the parties. They are divorced now and no longer Witnesses. But,even when they were ,they were hypocrites. And I guess it's not good to hold a grudge,but I can never forgive them for the pain they brought to my family.

  • EmptyInside

    Sorry for my tangent,but,I think that sister was just plain rude. How did she think that would be encouraging to you.

    I remember being in car groups and they would be talking about all the fun things they were doing,with me excluded.

    I was active then too. And I realize,you can't be expected to be invited to everything. But,I just find it in poor taste to make plans in front of someone ,whom you are excluding from said plans.

    Now that I am out,I realize how rude Witnesses are. They act like no one else has any feelings.

  • solomon

    We’ve never been popular as we both have trouble fitting in socially due to our autism. So it is actually a relief that we are not invited to these events. We generally don’t engage more than we have to socially as usually some one ends up poking fun at either or both of us which really pisses me off.

  • newsheep

    Don't feel bad. We know of an elderly couple in their eighties where in the past two weeks they have had the elders contact their son to get them to come to the midweek meetings and the son told them he couldn't make his parents go if they don't want to go. Next day the son went to their house and couldn't reason with them. Then two elders went to their home and the couple sent them away with a page of questions about the scriptures. Then the guy who had studied with them over thirty years ago said him and an elder from the hall were going to come to their home for a visit last Friday and that never happened. This elderly couple waited all day and no show. Also an ms came to their home to tell them that if he wants a ride to the meeting that he would have to call them but he can no longer have any association with the couple. The elders also informed them that they are no longer allowed to go out in car groups or to the doors anymore. He made a comment two weeks ago at one of his return visits that he feels Adam and Eve will be resurrected since Jesus died for all mankind and the young elder reamed him out in the car. He must have texted an elder before they got back to the hall because once they arrived back from service the two elders asked him to go into the second school room and wanted to know why he would say that at the doors. Talk about a snitch. Everyone seems to be on high alert with paranoia. So now this couple is waiting for the phone call to come into their jc meeting which he is not going. He told too many people in the hall that they would be going to a new church since their hall got sold. When he told that to the elder he asked this couple if they would like to be df'd and this man said go ahead there are plenty of other churches he can go to. They now go to a new mennonite order church and love it. Plus some of their relatives are there. It's a cult!

  • LongHairGal


    Your phrase “holding a grudge” made me think about when I shared how I was treated with a JW friend.

    This sister could not relate to my experience in the religion..She said I’m “holding a grudge” when I informed her I’m not giving money to deadbeat JWs.. I’m just remembering the injustice!

    The religion/people imagine they are going to be rewarded for their wrongdoing about major things and you’re just going to forget about it..Really?? Let these idiots go ask their ‘spiritual’ friends for money.


    That’s good news about that couple. It serves the f#cking JW religion right to get the middle finger from these fine elderly people who sure as hell do not need them! They deserve empty kingdom halls.

  • solomon

    Publishers in their 80s should be given a free pass on the midweek meeting. At least in the winter when it gets dark early. This older couple probably don’t feel safe at night on the road.

    The elders don’t give a shit though. It’s all about numbers when the circuit overseer comes not about the well being of the flock.

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim


    ''Now that I am out,I realize how rude Witnesses are. They act like no one else has any feelings.''

    I've often felt that way myself. The way they portray those videos at the Regional Conventions. You know about breaking off a relationship with non-JW's. I always ask myself, ''well what about the other person's feelings?''

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