The Biggest Issue Is Not Guns—It Is Mental Health!

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  • the girl next door
    the girl next door

    Liberals just swamped the house. They’ll be running plenty of things.

    Assault is a word.

    I like Minimus. He melts in my mouth, not on my hands. Be nice to him.

    The rest of you are like a tray full of baby mushrooms.

    Of course that must be better than a tray full of baby carrots.

  • Queequeg


    Absolutelelydoutely, assault is a word... assualt ain't... (I'm just flickin' shit at a dude who likes to flick shit at others.)

    Minimus is made of cool white chocolate... that's tough to melt...

    If I am a mushroom I am a Phallus Impudicus!

    Baby carrot sized if that pleases you...

  • Bungi Bill
    Bungi Bill
    I read somewhere that people who suffer from mental health problems are statistically more likely to be the victims of violent crime than the perpetrators.

    When it comes to mass shootings, I am not so sure. In nearly all the ones I am familiar with (which are all too many, sad to say!), the perpetrator did have serious mental health issues. Allow somebody with mental health problems easy access to firearms and you are asking for trouble.

  • minimus

    Who cares if someone misspells a word? Sorry guys, but a couple of you sounded like bullies. Having said that, the discussion has been interesting!

    Now we can discuss whether you like white more than milk chocolate 🍫.

  • _Morpheus
    OK smart ass lets call them personal assault weapons

    I hesitate to point this out but thats not a definition. Also, when defining a word you should not the use the word you are attempting to define. An example of failure would be attempting to define “assault weapon” by a “personal assault weapon”. Adding “personal” doesn't define the word assault.

    Care to try again? Im willing to bet you will fail agin, thus illustrating the problem in an attempted ban. You have to define something precisely to legally ban it.

  • _Morpheus
    Liberals just swamped the house. They’ll be running plenty of things.

    Dear Thor forgive me for opening this...

    dems in no shape, size, form or way “swamped” the house. In January they may have a narrow majority that is in no way veto proof. They do not have a majority in the senate nor do they occupy the Whitehouse. Also, that wasnt exactly what i meant, but whatever...

    Donald J is your president. He has appointed two justices to the supreme court who will ensure that the 2nd A is protected for the next 20 years and looks to replace old ruthie sooner rather than later. Life is good.

    USA! USA. USA.

  • _Morpheus

    Lol please min... bullies? When someones only argument is spelling it is clear they have no argument. Queenqueer came to a battle of wits unarmed and i dont shoot the unarmed.

    If he/she (however it self-identifies) had a point id happily show shim where shim is wrong, but absent a point to debate what is there to do but shake ones head in disbelief and wonder if mandatory IQ tests should accompany internet access.

  • minimus

    Morph. I obviously wasn’t referring to you

  • Finkelstein

    _Morpheus you aren't one of those peace loving hippies from the sixties are you, full human compassion, love and empathy for your fellow man ?

    ........ Ha Haa Ha

  • out4good4
    They do not have a majority in the senate nor do they occupy the Whitehouse.

    They do have the ability to prevent Trumps bullshit legislation from coming to the floor for debate or vote. The same tactic the Republicans used during the last 6 Obama years.

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