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    Well, all I can do is cheer you on with all the good advice you've gotten! I understand about not wanting to talk to a therapist -- you know that abuse victims have a big "no talk" rule implanted into their brains, so talking to a therapist would of course be hard. Big Tex had that problem.

    Getting your blood sugar tested is a good idea, too. Cover all the bases.

    I think, in addition to your already-existing issues, the move has probably shaken you up. It's called a "Major Life Event" by insurance companies, right up there with death and divorce. Moving can be quite overwhelming anyway (ask arrowstar!).

    Take it one step at a time, one friend at a time. I don't know what your new neighborhood is like, but maybe you can pull out your old Witness hat and go knocking on a few doors, but instead of talking Bible, invite a few people over for tea or drinks. If that feels too overwhelming, DON'T PUSH YOURSELF!!! Call people on the phone. You have my number -- feel free to use it!!!

    Keep us posted, okay?


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    you hvae a PM.

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    GAAWD, Girl, no wonder you sometimes get a little cantankerous. ((((((Bridget))))) You are getting a lot of good advise. Hope you get some sleep soon. Then get out and do something about this. Jst2laws

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    My goodness! You sure have been through a lot of stuff!! For you to have gotten this far and done so well is a testament to the strength of your character, Girlfriend. I got nothing but respect for you. Lots of people would've given up by now. Just goes to show that what I heard once is true: every life is a victory.

    I've seen a therapist on two separate occasions. For me they did a world of good. I totally believe that anyone who's exited a high-control religious group would benefit from the help that a good therapist can give.

    Depending on your coverage, your health insurance can/will pay a portion (or all) of it. The fee charged by the two therapists I saw was around $100/hour which I paid for out of pocket. The eight or ten sessions I went to was worth every penny, though.

    p.s. you might wanna check out this thread:

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    My insurance paid for a consultation, I had to pay a $10 copay. Then after our first meeting if I wanted to come back the Dr. had to fill out some forms, stating that I was depressed and then the insurance granted 10 more sessions. After 10 sessions we had to sign up again. But the insurance did in fact cover it. You should check with your provider and see what they say about mental health. Or if you have a book of Dr's your plan covers see if any therapists are listed.


    Take it from me, I've utilized the service of a therapist.

    Best thing I ever did.

    Helped me move ahead, real fast, and the cool thing is, because they don't know you like 'friends/family' they can be objective and thus ask questions that 'friends/family' would not necessarily ask.

    Of course, you have concerns about costs. Rightly so.

    I hope things work out, that there is coverage. Go my dear!

    Take it from so many others on here: (if it is within your means), please take advantage of that.

    ((((SP)))) ok? from ol' Rayzorblade.

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    >>>> ... and the cool thing is, because they don't know you like 'friends/family' they can be objective and thus ask questions that 'friends/family' would not necessarily ask. -- RAZORBLADE

    What Razor said is so very true. Plus, they won't judge you -- whatever you tell them. Trust me: compared to some of the f**ked up stuff they hear on a daily basis, the stuff you tell them would be tame by comparison.

    I recommend getting the JW thing out of the way up front, though, since it will doubtless explain a lot of things and give your therapist a good starting point.

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    Well, it looks as if everyone agrees: I'm crazy!

    I must say that when I wrote my original post I was feeling really lost, like I had run out of options. I was able to get a 2 hour nap just now and while I do feel better, I feel very exposed. I cannot believe I just told so many people such personal stuff about me. I just don't want everyone looking at me differently or feeling sorry for me.


    I used to workout regularly, and I plan on getting back to that once I can hold down some food. I am concerned about the weight loss. I am now 118 which is actually kind of nice imho, but according to charts it means I am 11 pounds underweight (I am 5'9''). Because of my past struggles with being "too thin", this concerns me.


    I do have some support, my husband. He tries to understand and help me, but hasn't been through what I have so it's hard for him. I will do as you say though and write everything down.


    Can I call you tonight?


    Hey! If I am ever rude, there is no excuse. I don't want everyone knowing about my past changing the way you look at me either. I want to still be considered strong, intelligent, and of course beautiful, don't forget I'm BEAUTIFUL!!


    Thanks for the nice words. Now see, I can't afford $100 a week right now. I guess I better look into this insurance thing.


    Now that doesn't sound so bad.


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    Oh and thanks for all of the PMs!!

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    >>>>> ell, it looks as if everyone agrees: I'm crazy!

    Welcome to the club.

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