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    The move in itself could trigger off Post Traumatic Stress/Depression. Moving interstate away from your family and friends is a very stressful thing to do. I know, because I did that myself 5 months ago. If I didn't already have some good supportive friends here in my new town it would have been extremely hard for me to cope.

    If you think that you should give therapy a go, then why not? With all that you've been through, you no doubt have many issues to have to be dealing with. Even if you think you have dealt with the past, something is obviously bothering you. It may turn out that it's due to your move, or it could be something much larger. Only you and your therapist will know.

    ((((((SP)))))) Hang in there. Please seek help if you think you need it. I want you to get better, ok?

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    What's really scary is that I've considered. . . praying . . .

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    me? what I do???

    *innocent look*

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    El Kabong


    We don't know each other, but, the not sleeping for 72 hours really concerns me.

    PLEASE get to a Doctor ASAP. Even if it's a regular practicioner. If therapy is needed, at least the Doctor can point you in the right direction. But, not sleeping + depression (especially the not sleeping part) could equal something more serious.

    SP. Im serious, but I'm not trying to scare you. Please GO to a Doctor to get checked out right away. !!!!

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    El K-

    My transfer for my job got messed up, so I'm not even sure if I have insurance. If not, I can't afford to go to a doctor. I will be checking about my insurance status in the next day or so though. Is there something else that you want to share with me that I should know?

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    My god, you've been through alot!! No wonder you feel overwhelmed!! I think the suggestion about getting your blood sugar levels tested is an EXCELLENT place to start. However, you might also want to speak to a Registered Therapist. Look in your Yellow Pages to find one. It should be under either Therapy or Physician. Ideally, you might want to try someone who deals specifically with cults. You can also call a University's Psychology dept. or look it up on the web, find out if there are any Profs who teach courses that deals with "Psychology of Religion" or something like that, email them and ask if they can recommend someone in the community who helps people who have left cults, and how to deal with all the emotional havoc it can create.

    One thing that I find very helpful in dealing with depression is EXERCISE. Studies have shown it to be just as effective as medication in alot of cases, with no bad side effects. Not only that, but it would get you out with other people! You might also consider taking a night class at a college or university. This could help your self-esteem, and once again, you are getting out amongst people and can make friends this way.

    And yes, I also find that prayer helps when I'm down. I may not believe everything the Borg teaches, but I most definitely still believe in God.

    God Bless.


  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee


    Well the others have said it said it all I think. Some great advice

    As soon as you can get a complete physical. Write down all your problems so you don't forget to tell the Dr what they are. The physical problems are easier to sort out (most of the time)

    And try the counseling. My gawd girl - strong? how the heck are you even getting yourself up each day. With what you have been through and have no support for - I'd say you are an amazon in strength. Even if you can't see it, we can, so if you trust us at all, trust that maybe some of us see your strength.

    Now pick up your phone book and turn to the front page and call your local sexual assault centre and talk to them. See what they can suggest

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    You have a PM stinky.


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