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  • Special K
    Special K

    Hey stinkypants,

    You sure have had a lot of things on your plate...toooooooo many.

    72 hours without sleep....

    Now that is severe sleep deprivation

    That alone is enough to run dont walk to your doctors office. I do hope you get some help with all this terrible stuff you have been through..

    I hate it when insurance won't cover therapy for someone who could use it.

    If you go to your doctor maybe she/he can help you figure something out.

    A lot of good in put here from friends on the board.

    I enjoy your post and I am concerned for you.

    You please get yourself some help with all this.. you have been carrying all this around for far far too long. People aren't meant to carry this weight of stuff around since childhood.


    Special K

  • DanTheMan

    Hi Stinky,

    I have been seeing a counselor since last March. It has helped me some (though I still become overwhelmed with crushing existential pain every now and then - I think this will be something I will have to deal with for the rest of my life). I really like the guy I'm seeing. He seems to like me, I think I challenge him. In therapy it's all about the relationship, and not all psychologists/counselors are created equal. I had a couple of sessions with a complete dud (a "Christian" counselor who barely paid attention to a word I said) before I switched to my current therapist. So find somebody you're comfortable with.

    A great book I've been reading is titled Love's Executioner & Other Tales of Psychotherapy.

  • StinkyPantz


    Right back atcha!!


    The sleep thing is my primary concern right now. I can't even function properly. . I walk around in this haze, my speech patterns are all weird, shoot I can't type even as well.


    I'll check out the book, thanks!

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    You have a private message.

    Love ya,


  • Thunder Rider
    Thunder Rider


    Dittos on all the good advice you have been getting thus far. I just wanted to add though, that you need to have supportive people close at hand when you start seeing the therapist. After my first couple sessions, my depression got worse, and I got angrier. Having a stranger bring you to the realization of the abuses you have survived is difficult to deal with. I had spent so long making excuses for the way my parents treated me and taking blame for things that were not my fault, seeing the truth of the situation fort he first time was almost too much. Fortunately I had Sheila and the kids there with me.



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    Returning the hugz I got on my thread.

    Try prayer. Find a god you can identify with and pray to him/her. The One True God has many masks and many hands with ten fingers each...

    Okay, if that didn't creep you out - then pray.


  • pettygrudger

    No, you're not crazy.

    As has been suggested - see a Dr. But, I wouldn't recommend a "general" practicianer - they'll just automatically put you on some anti-depressent & suggest you see a psych. See a "natural" dr. who may guide you through a few of the physical ailments (including the eating disorder). They will also be able to help w/natural treatments to get your hormones & body back into a normal balance, which at least is contributing to the mood swings and depression (if not the cause).

    As you've said, you've been through alot. If these things have not been resolved in your heart & mind, then talking it out with someone may help. Others here have found just posting their stories as therapeutic. What works for one may not always be the right course of action for someone else - do what feels comfortable to you. I saw a psychiatrist for awhile, and it did help, but not any more so than many "self-help" books I utilized, and still refresh myself with when I feel old habits/feelings resurfacing.

    (((SP))) - you're a tough cookie - you're mental strength has gotten you this're gonna be alright

  • SpunkyChick

    Heya Stinky-

    I am sorry to hear life is down in the dumps for you. Many who've responded have offered some great suggestions. When life has gotten me down, I usually go to the library to hunt up self-help books. I'm a HUGE self help junkie. Have you ever thought about joining any online communities in your new city to meet people in person? That might help if you are feeling lonely. Thought about taking up a new hobby? And you always have a friend here in Denver Colorado if you need a break from Florida!

  • shotgun

    I wrote this in thread you started a while back and don't think you ever read it...I see your going through a rough time now and thought I'd send it to you this way...Take care...Love Shotgun

    Hello Mrs Stinky

    I have gone back and read some of your threads which were BSE (before shotgun era) and must say you are a remarkable woman. If I could I'd give you one of those two minute hugs and remind you of how great you are....Your strength and fortitude not to mention your sense of humour ...girl you must be the total package....

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