The boys in Pennsylvania- The real power behind Watchtower

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  • sparrowdown

    I asumed Mike was referring to the WBTS of Pennsylvania.

    They gotta make an example of someone and Mike &Kim would be easy targets. This case is a warning shot across the bough to all ex-jw you tubers, I reckon.

  • steve2

    The level of persecution complex is high on this post.

    Where is the evidence that Kim and Mikey have been targeted simply because of the issues they have raised? Fact is, the threat of having their channel closed down lies entirely on their excessive use of copyrighted material. Other ex-Jw sites have not been so threatened because they have kept their use of copyrighted material within the law.

    Kim and Money have been given time to modify the level of copyrighted material or remove it themselves. If they do do, their channel stays open; if they fail to do so, they face closure of their channel.

    They are no more above the law than any other user of YouTube.

  • Diogenesister

    Unshakle the chains He does the April 2016 episode, hopefully in the link down below. Pretty sure he's been in some more recently too. He also does morning worship which is on YouTube if you tap in his name plus william malenfant plus jwbroadcast

  • steve2

    Inadvertent typos in my above post - noticed after the edit period elapsed. I meant Kim and Mikey - and was not being disrespectful with the typo. My apologies if it has caused offence.

  • UnshackleTheChains
    So, what does this have to do with the threat of Mike and Kim's YouTube site being taken down?
    We've had perhaps two maybe three different new topics on this in recent weeks - and one conclusion is that they have repeatedly ignored demands to cease using so much copyrighted material


    This thread was not about whether Mike and Kim infringed on copyrighted material or not. If they have, they have; if they haven't, they haven't. So be it.

    My point was Mikey's reference to the 'boys in Pennsylvania'. The lawyers, the policy makers, the accountants who are the power behind Watchtower. I was just curious to find out more information on this, that's all!

    ....and to be honest, I have personally found the responses on this thread fascinating. An eye opener from my stand point. It would explain why my letters and those of others are not responded to AND/OR fobbed off with what appears to be a generic type letter advising individuals to read some old Watchtower somewhere! or to speak to their elders with their concerns etc. This in itself appears to be policy!!

    In the organisation I work for, which is a very large UK wide organisation, they actually encourage feedback on everything from its members. They make changes as and when required and benefits the organisation.

    Organisations thrive on constructive feedback. That's no secret!

    Watchtower doesn't allow constructive feedback. That's why they are being hammered in the media and at hearings such as the ARC over all the unnecessary controversies they have brought on themselves.

    No members are allowed to question anything around policies and teachings, particularly when such policies or teachings are glaringly wrong, unfair or harmful to its members!

    If it is the case that the people pulling all the strings for Watchtower are indeed the 'boys in Pennsylvania' as Mikey calls them,; then it is they who we should be corresponding with in relation to writing our concerns/ giving constructive feedback/efforts to affect change in policy/teaching etc

    That was my point for this thread.

  • UnshackleTheChains

    Thanks to Jaydee,, truth B known and diogenesister for your information.

    Much appreciated 😁

  • UnshackleTheChains
    Also a big thank you to Zeb for the link 😉
  • The Fall Guy
    The Fall Guy

    IMO, the WTBTS of Pennsylvania & New York emulates every other multi-billion dollar organization on earth by being pyramidal in corporate structure and financial duplicity.

    As in many such cases, the real power-brokers will invariably remain anonymous, hidden by their chosen front-men. And this is what the CCOJW governing body truly is, because the WTBTS is financially more dependent than ever on the religious corporation's tentacle than it is on their ever-decreasing publishing entity.

    Perhaps this is one of the marketing reasons why the "faithful slave" of the CCOJW (not the WTBTS) has been pushed into the limelight and into the psyche of J.W.'s in recent years.

    Let the people see & hear the future heavenly "kings and priests." It will encourage them to part with their cash.

  • steve2

    UnshackleThe Chains, I appreciate the clarification. I can imagine your reaction when I went on about Mikey and Kim when you say you were focusing not on them but on their reference to 'the boys in Pennsylvania.

    I have since re-read your OP, and can see how I was 'distracted' because your opening sentence mentions the threat of their being shut down.

    I know the matter has now been clarified, but can I suggest that you could have made it clear in your OP what the main focus was because - inadvertently - prominence is given to Mikey and Kim - especially the first sentence mentioning the threat of their being shut down.

    And then a link is then made to JW organization seldom if ever answering correspondence or queries on the seeming power base in Pennsylvania and the organization not being open about it.

    Anyway, I appreciate the clarification. Thanks.

  • UnshackleTheChains
    I know the matter has now been clarified, but can I suggest that you could have made it clear in your OP what the main focus was because - inadvertently - prominence is given to Mikey and Kim - especially the first sentence mentioning the threat of their being shut down


    Thanks for your response and appreciate your feedback. I get your point and will consider how I write up my OPs in future.

    As an individual who wants to see change within the organisation, my hope is that my efforts and the efforts of everyone else can in some way affect change. As a father and a husband, I want the best for my family. I worry about what I consider the hard line approach Watchtower is taking in their interpretation or brand of Christianity. As an ex Catholic who joined what I thought was a wonderful loving Christian faith group, I believed everything; and I mean everything that emanated from the WTB&TS.

    Sadly. It wasn't until I accidentally came across the 607 debacle on line when the internet first started coming to prominence, that I gradually started to awaken to the truth.

    My world changed. The internet led me to crisis of conscience and the rest is history.

    The organisation needs to change. Every individual can make a difference. All the organisation has to do is accept they made mistakes and reform. They need to reform. People have been hurt for far too long. Christianity is about love and peace, not division and hate.

    My hope is that somewhere within the ranks of the leadership, hearts will be opened and change will come. I pray for this.

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