Fred Franz Former Training in Ancient Greek

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  • Earnest

    Dr BeDuhn's first degree was in Religious Studies. His Masters at the Harvard Divinity School was on New Testament and Early Christianity. His languages include Coptic, Greek, Parthian, Middle Persian, Latin, French and German.

    As far as being an expert in biblical translation is concerned, the comment by a former poster (hillary_step) in this thread is relevant:

    You must remember that it is not that easy to find a scholarly reaction to the NWT or KIT for the reason than many Greek Scholars are also committed Christians and already have a firm set of theological standards by which they make a judgment and remember, that their beliefs have often been ignorantly and arrogantly attacked by the WTS in its publications. Professor J. BuDuhn is a 'pure' historian, not a theologian, he has no ax to grind in the issue...

  • Diogenesister
    When he went to Israel with Fred, he mentioned that this native woman from the country who was the Societyś English-Hebrew translator had a long chat with Fred on Hebrew's idiosyncracies and difficulties. She came away impressed with his knowledge of the language.

    A woman, huh? How many times have those goons talked about the anonymous MEN who produced watchtowers translation of the Bible.

    In my experience when it comes to the English having knowledge of any foreign language, it always surprises and pleases native speakers when we do, and they tend to be impressed even when our grasp isnt that extensive.

    Just saying.

  • Crazyguy

    I think Franz only took a semester of Greek , he didn’t know much. In the end almost everything he taught came from another sect of Christianity. The world coming to an end in 1975 as an example was originally taught by Armstrong leader of the WWCoG

  • Bungi Bill
    Bungi Bill
    whatever the case was about the fact remained he had no scholarly training in hebrew.

    I didn't think anyone here was disputing that fact?

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