New GB video: Why Reduce the Number of Special Full-Time Servants?

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  • ldrnomo

    So they made a plea for more money in May by their beloved 5th grade teacher (that's what he reminds me of) and when they don't get an increase from the R&F like they prayed they would, they cut special pioneers. Isn't this the reason their in business, spread the good news. Now they are cutting back on the preaching work. They are a CULT.

  • pepperheart
    there is trouble at the mill
  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower
    At around 15 min into may talk Lett says the GB sometime before this vid was made sat down and did the math to find out that they have more going out than coming in. Wow can you imagine a board meeting with all those higher education haters and trying to explain this in simple enough terms this concept of realistic projections and meeting financial obligations to these clueless geniuses. Perhaps at that early time in May they thought that by robbing the cookie jar/congregation's extra cash on the books that they would manage OK but now not even that big haul can keep the work going.
  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim
    Yes, people are noticing about the money plea last May and now the cutbacks with the pioneers. At least people are asking questions and talking.
  • kairos

    Any JW that missed the May broadcast, might look at it and wake up.

    What about all those KHs that were going to be built?

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim
    I know it's hypocrisy.
  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower

    What we have come to see in these videos broad cast is that the Governing Body denies the truth and tells reassuring lies so where Lett says in the May broad cast around minute 9:30 to 11 : "But for a certainty the donations received do not line anyone pocket and are not missappropriated .....blah blah blah ... The Governing Body prayerfully and sincerely endevors to be not only the Faithful Salve but also the Discreet Slave in wisely managing the Masters resources" And "In spending Jehovah's money we have to be more carefull than spending our own money" You can be sure that these are complete lies from someone in deep denial and unwilling to speak the truth plainly.

    Where Lett says the money given in contribution does not line anyone pockets you can I think safely bet that the exact opposite is true. These guys are prolific liars with almost every word a cover up. I'm thinking if they get called for an audit perhaps all the GB might wind up in jail for misappropriating funds as these things are hard to hide from a professional auditor and these guys(GB) are clumsy and stupid and have enjoyed a lack of transparency for many decades and no doubt used it to their dishonest advantage, but the times they are a changing and these guys have a lot to hide.

    I sure hope they get an IRS audit soon because that is where the shit really hits the fan.

  • committeechairman

    [NOTE: After I wrote this post, I thought it deserved a thread of its own. It is now posted here. ]


    I'm right with you on the question: WHERE ARE ALL THESE KINGDOM HALLS THAT WERE GOING TO START BEING BUILT? The RBC arrangement was officially announced as an arrangement that was ending in the United States branch territory in a letter on January 24, 2014 (although this letter is no longer listed on This means that 23 months have passed since the announcement of the LDC taking over and "acceleration" of Kingdom Hall builds.

    What has happened in the meantime with KH construction? The short answer is not much. Many many RBC men that were serving on committees in the United States or as key department overseers have never heard a word from US Branch LDC, this despite applying for and providing paperwork and evidence they are willing to help in any way to assist. They are willing to do this in spite of the fact that they feel they were "fired". One RBC member I spoke with told me that when their RBC met with the branch representatives to officially "dissolve" the RBC, they basically handed over all their records and any remaining open items, heard a few words about their hard work over decades, then the RBC men never really heard anything again. No Kingdom Hall construction is going on in their old region of responsibility.

    What does all this mean in practical terms? First and foremost, it means that 2 years have been lost in progress in building Kingdom Halls. An average RBC generally would build 1 or 2 new KHs and remodel 3 or 4 during a year. With roughly 100 RBCs in the US Branch territory, you can see that this means that 200 to 400 new KHs were not built and 300 to 400 KHs were not remodeled. So the work is even further behind with no visible progress to speak of. I understand from speaking to a few brothers in Texas that there are only two or three LDC projects for new build in progress there.

    Secondly, think about the vast damage done to thousands of trained and experienced key men, overseers, and former RBC members who now have been idle for two years. Think of the decay in the broader construction volunteer group. Even up to the present, videos and other publications talk about all the oppportunities available in KH construction. Reports indicate that volunteers send all the applications and speak to all the folks they are supposed to and never hear another word from anyone.

    This may explain the letter to all bodies of elders dated 07-08-2015 wherein it was announced that in some cases congregations might be merged or relocated to more fully utilize existing Kingdom Halls. This would at least delay the need for new Kingdom Halls in some of the larger metro areas.

    Because so large a pool of volunteers is available but appears to be largely idle and because such a pressing need for Kingdom Halls exists, what could be the reasons for this 2 year delay in building Kingdom Halls? Logically, it could only be that the funds are not available or there has been a huge organizational failure or some combination of both. The organization is taking extraordinary measures to conserve cash. Could this have been a ploy to buy two years worth of cash flow to continue to fund Warwick? At the same time, is it possible the whole LDC organization plan was flawed in that there are so few volunteers are available that meet the criteria of being available full-time to serve anywhere and skilled that LDC was able to make very little progress in moving forward?

    Really, only time will tell. As a friend of mine is fond of saying about topics like this: "All the same, wisdom is proved righteous by its works." - Mt. 11:19


  • Tenacious

    Samuel "Krusty the Clown" Herd read from a script meant to influence your subconscious mind which is the driving force in a person's life.

    Before you read the entire scripted speech by Krusty (yes, I wrote it down word-for-word), consider the following bit of information on the use of specific words meant to bypass the critical factor part of our mind and go straight through to the subconscious. Besides the two words that we examine here, notice other sentences and other words that are used in conjunction to make the message much more effective. Due to time constraints, I'm unable to also break down how these additional words, phrases, and sentence structures, are also used. However, reading them, instead of listening to them, should kind of give you an idea of how they are subconsciously used.

    First let's look at the use of two words; You and Imagine.

    On the use of the word "you" note the following information:

    Why it’s hypnotic

    You is a placeholder for your name.

    But the word you is different. It’s natural to use it in conversation, so you don’t need to worry about being heavy-handed. Yet it encapsulates the same basic self-obsessiveness that makes your own name so powerful. We’re all self-obsessed. It’s just the nature of being human.

    The reason words that refer to us are so hypnotic has to do with a psychological effect called Fundamental Attribution Error. Basically, while we are naturally critical of other people, our critical minds take a break when we evaluate ourselves. That analytic part of us just doesn’t kick in. You may not have noticed this about yourself—but I bet you’ve noticed it about all those oblivious inconsiderate jerks constantly making your life miserable.

    So when people talk about us, we tend to be lulled. What they’re saying bypasses the critical factor—and all that’s left then is to stimulate the unconscious mind.

    And guess what? There’s nothing as stimulating to us as our own interests, desires, ambitions, goals, yearnings and emotions. For our whole lives, that is all we really have. So as long as your copy addresses those things for your prospect, it is guaranteed to carry them along in a rapt, semi-torpid daze of introspection.

    ***Now let's look at another hypnotic word used by Krusty***

    On the use of the word "imagine" note the following information:

    Why it’s hypnotic

    Two factors are at work here.

    Firstly, you may have noticed that if you ask a stranger to do something—especially to buy something—they tend to balk. Their natural reaction is to question the instruction. To find a reason to disagree with it. The critical mind throws up objections.

    What’s interesting, though, is this doesn’t happen if you just ask someone to imagine something. Especially if you ask them to imagine the outcome of the sale, rather than making the purchase itself. There’s no resistance to that.

    This is because we don’t see imagining as a “real” task. It’s just a mind-game. Indeed, an enjoyable game; a distraction from life—as with fantasies.

    So by asking your prospect to imagine something, you bypass that critical part that throws up objections, and “sneak in” to their mind through the back door of their imagination. And bypassing the critical mind is the second of three crucial steps to achieving hypnosis. The first is attracting the person’s attention, which is assumed.

    The third step is to stimulate the unconscious mind. That is exactly what imagining something does. As strange as it may sound, the brain literally cannot tell the difference between imagining reality, and actually experiencing reality. As far as your brain is concerned, there’s no difference between visualizing a tree, and seeing a tree.

    This makes your prospect’s imagination a deceptively powerful ally to you. Remember—the fear of loss is far stronger than the desire for gain. So if you can get your prospect to feel a sense of ownership for your offering, you invoke a much stronger desire than by merely offering benefits. By getting them to imagine owning it, they become as if they already have it. As if you have already given it to them. And the natural thing to do then is to keep it…which means making the purchase.

    This sense of ownership over what we imagine is surprisingly deep-seated. It should be. Our youngest years are ruled by our imaginations. Kids are highly possessive of their make-believe ideas and characters and worlds. They don’t like to be told they aren’t real. And although as adults we’ve managed to conceal that affection for our fantasies under a veneer of pragmatism, the same effect still governs our behavior at a subconscious level.

    ***Now let's read the message from Mr. Herd a.k.a. Krusty***

    The governing body would like to share with the Bethel family some information on the reasons behind a number major decisions affecting the world-wide work particularly those in special full-time service. As you know in the next few months, a good number of special full-time servants will be returning to the ranks of the regular pioneers. Why is this necessary? First, we would like to make clear that we are confident Jehovah is richly blessing the world-wide work. Also the financial support of our brothers, has in no way, diminished. In fact, we have even seen a fine increase in contributions since the May 2015 program on JW broadcasting. However, as the global preaching work has expanded over the past several years, our expenses have greatly increased. For instance, we have experienced a tremendous growth in personnel. As of September 1, 2015 we reached 83,790 in special full-time service. Can you imagine the cost involved in caring for so many full-time servants?. At the same time, many of our major branch facilities are more than 30 years old. These offices require extensive maintenance and renovation. In some cases new branch facilities are needed. Also consider that we will soon have literature available in some 850 languages. This translation work requires additional facilities and personnel. Finally consider the thousands of kingdom halls that we need to construct not just in lands with limited resources but in Europe and the United States, where one kingdom hall may cost more than a million dollars. It was obvious to the governing body that we could not expect our brothers to continually increase their donations. We needed to reduce expenses. To accomplish this we would need to reduce personnel, reduce the number of publications we were printing, put some non-essential projects on hold. And reduce or eliminate various services at Bethel. What has been the response to these adjustments? We have been overwhelmed by the positive willing spirit of all you dear brothers and sisters to make these adjustments a success. We have truly felt your wholehearted support. Therefore, we now look to Jehovah to bless these adjustments so that we can move ahead with the all-important preaching work. All to the glory and praise of our magnificent God. We trust that these comments will help you to understand our current situation and to know that we truly love and appreciate each one of you. With all good wishes your brothers, governing body of Jehovah's Witnesses.


    One last bit I would like to add. Notice how hard Herd tries to get members to identify with the governing body and vice-versa by continually using the word "we"? I find the entire message repulsive and despicable. They insult people's intelligence by deliberately using these methods and techniques. Notice how he also tries to convince the members that Jehovah is blessing them. How pathetic.

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