New GB video: Why Reduce the Number of Special Full-Time Servants?

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  • 4thgen
    In the bogus announcement video on JW TV, Herd made the statement that they had to reduce the number of special pioneers to cover inflated costs in in the organization. He mentioned how expensive it was to support the many special pioneers. Huh? Aren't the housing needs often free homes donated by members? Or paid off WT facilities?????? I thought that they received basic needs and a very small monthly allowance. Don't special pioneers often have to find employment to sustain their needs?
  • oppostate
  • OneGenTwoGroups

    Taking care of old SFSs is monumentally expensive. They boys at the top are seeing that now with every financial report they see.

    I'm sure the medical bills and maintenance of all the aged Bethelites, COs, DOs, missionaries, and special pioneers are huge, huge, huge.

  • Listener

    Thanks for your post Tenacious and for transcribing the speech into text.

    It was obvious to the governing body that we could not expect our brothers to continually increase their donations. We needed to reduce expenses.

    It is obvious that they have and will continue to EXPECT the r&f to continually increase their donations, their obvious problem is that they won't.
  • ttdtt

    OMG Damage control again - but they don't get that the people who would question the GB already Heard Herd say that backwards upside-down crap!

    AGAIN From 1984

    The chocolate ration in 1983 was 30 grams per week. In the year 1984, the chocolate ration went up to 25 grams per week. Winston himself is charged with the task of re-writing history to make this little feat possible.
  • fulano
    He is dressed like à french waiter with his 100 dollar suit.
  • Diogenesister
    Martin If you can't look me in the eye and say it, then it's probably a big fat lie.

    The guys delivery was an embarrassment, an insult to his audience!!!

    He's 81 yes old and KNOWS the BS his generation were given AND WHAT THEY GAVE UP TO SERVE. Disgusting.

  • fulano
    He read it as seeing it for the first time.
  • fulano
    @oppostate...that's NOT the watch.
  • Finkelstein

    Ok lets assume that the WTS had to cut back on its expenditures due to the cost of printing, utilities food, etc. that's acceptable and perhaps understandable ........but !

    A few years forward the financial picture of the organization has taken a different turn, much more in the positive direction, one might say, which the WTS heads are not truly being up font and honest about.

    Looking back before they sold 12 of its branches around the world, before it sold hundreds millions worth of properties it owned in Brooklyn New York and is about to sell its main property holdings in Brooklyn to a tune of 1 billion US

    The WTS. will be another 1 billion dollar $$$ richer this year ......... praise Jah

    shuuuush don't tell anyone.

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