Two Year Delay in Building New KHs - What Is the Real Impact?

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  • committeechairman

    WHERE ARE ALL THESE KINGDOM HALLS THAT WERE GOING TO START BEING BUILT? The RBC arrangement was officially announced as an arrangement that was ending in the United States branch territory in a letter on January 24, 2014 (although this letter is no longer listed on This means that 23 months have passed since the announcement of the LDC taking over and "acceleration" of Kingdom Hall builds.

    What has happened in the meantime with KH construction? The short answer is not much. Many many RBC men that were serving on committees in the United States or as key department overseers have never heard a word from US Branch LDC, this despite applying for and providing paperwork and evidence they are willing to help in any way to assist. They are willing to do this in spite of the fact that they feel they were "fired". One RBC member I spoke with told me that when their RBC met with the branch representatives to officially "dissolve" the RBC, they basically handed over all their records and any remaining open items, heard a few words about their hard work over decades, then the RBC men never really heard anything again. No Kingdom Hall construction is going on in their old region of responsibility.

    What does all this mean in practical terms? First and foremost, it means that 2 years have been lost in progress in building Kingdom Halls. An average RBC generally would build 1 or 2 new KHs and remodel 3 or 4 during a year. With roughly 100 RBCs in the US Branch territory, you can see that this means that 200 to 400 new KHs were not built and 300 to 400 KHs were not remodeled. So the work is even further behind with no visible progress to speak of. I understand from speaking to a few brothers in Texas that there are only two or three LDC projects for new build in progress there.

    Secondly, think about the vast damage done to thousands of trained and experienced key men, overseers, and former RBC members who now have been idle for two years. Think of the decay in the broader construction volunteer group. Even up to the present, videos and other publications talk about all the oppportunities available in KH construction. Reports indicate that volunteers send all the applications and speak to all the folks they are supposed to and never hear another word from anyone.

    This may explain the letter to all bodies of elders dated 07-08-2015 wherein it was announced that in some cases congregations might be merged or relocated to more fully utilize existing Kingdom Halls. This would at least delay the need for new Kingdom Halls in some of the larger metro areas.

    Because so large a pool of volunteers is available but appears to be largely idle and because such a pressing need for Kingdom Halls exists, what could be the reasons for this 2 year delay in building Kingdom Halls? Logically, it could only be that the funds are not available or there has been a huge organizational failure or some combination of both. The organization is taking extraordinary measures to conserve cash. Could this have been a ploy to buy two years worth of cash flow to continue to fund Warwick? At the same time, is it possible the whole LDC organization plan was flawed in that there are so few volunteers are available that meet the criteria of being available full-time to serve anywhere and skilled that LDC was able to make very little progress in moving forward?

    Really, only time will tell. As a friend of mine is fond of saying about topics like this: "All the same, wisdom is proved righteous by its works." - Mt. 11:19


  • Designer Stubble
    Designer Stubble
    I think they will now start to drop the artificially inflated numbers and show a decrease in publishers, They will then claim people leaving just before the promised land due to Satan's final push, and state that the kingdom halls are no longer necessary.
  • sir82

    At our congregation, there were many volunteers who enjoyed traveling all over the state to work on various projects. Several pioneers supplemented their "time" that way, too.

    As you have noted, virtually nothing has been done for 2 years.

    A nearby parcel of land, purchased for KH construction, has sat idle & unoccupied for about 5 years now.

    The whole RBC to LDC transition process seems to be a giant cluster-fick.

  • ttdtt
    I think it will be easier to pump up numbers now.
  • eyeuse2badub

    I worked on many KH projects over a 30 year period. Many were just social events to enjoy drinking and eating, others were full on, no fun work camps. Saw many "untheocratic" activities after hours among the 'big shots'. Saw a lot of bickering also.

    Here are a few reasons (questions) that I see for the slow down in KH building.

    1) The GB now sees that time is better spent in preaching than in building?

    2) Just not enough money in building and selling KH's?

    3) The RBC 'big shots' spent so much time away from home that their families fell apart?

    If you answered NO to the above questions, you are correct.

    just saying!


  • TimDrake1914
    Actually, in regards to number 3, I have actually heard cases where that happened. Some people spent so much time away from their families that their family life did in fact deteriorate, to the point of divorce in some cases. Very sad cases indeed.
  • nmthinker

    I remember watching the LDC video. It seemed very far fetched - small teams of full time construction servants taking the lead in building projects. This video is now removed from and recently the governing body announced that all kingdom hall construction has been halted.

    In hindsight I consider it a propaganda ploy to prop-up the new donation arrangement, whereby all congregations emptied their local savings and sent virtually all of their money to the branch.

    It was a money grab.

    LDC? What LDC?

  • never a jw
    never a jw
    Now the infamous picture of JW's conducting meetings in basements, published about a year ago, makes more sense. It was not fear mongering, it was part of the "grand plan", or whatever they call it now.
  • Londo111

    Some mysterious things are going on...

    The Chariot does all sorts of crazy maneuvers these days.

  • sir82

    recently the governing body announced that all kingdom hall construction has been halted.

    Watch the video carefully again. What has been suspended is all "large scale" building projects. KH building projects have not been announced as being curtailed, although, as noted in the above posts, that appears to be what is actually going on.

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