CO in midwest gets pink-slipped

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  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    After consulting with Mrs. BOC, this was most certainly our CO. My sticking point was that he was married. Mrs. BOC affirmed that Redd did indeed get married.

    Also, I agree with AMNESIANO that he was given "the boot" and it wasn't anything in particular about him that led to his untimely dismissal.

  • skin
    Wish they would pull the pin on Regional Conventions, surely that would save them money, save me money too having to travel and accommodation. Do it all with video links.
  • Angus Beef
    Angus Beef
    Yup, I think CO visits will be replaced by video feeds. Think of all the money they would save.
  • berrygerry

    I wonder why, towards the end of the middle paragraph, it says, " we SPENT some time with our respective families". Didnt they just get the letter saying they are being "releived" of their position? I would think that he would have said, "we are going to be SPENDING time with our families during this transition". Seems like the "wording", and or "tense" is wrong.

    If the Special Pioneers received 3 months of pay without having to do time, maybe this guy received the same.

  • DesirousOfChange

    I think the position of CO is way over the head of younger couples raised in the truth from a sheltered background. They are clueless when it comes to children, work, or any of the real problems people face.

    Older converts that have experienced the real world make better COs but the job is very physically demanding for anyone over 40. Unless you're extremely fit, which, let's face it JWs are too busy to be physically fit.

    New COs are "company men" who have gone through extensive indoctrination at WT HQ. They are clueless. The old grandpa-style of CO, who has perhaps raised a kid or two, or at least lived life without completed sheltering, is a thing of the past.

    I don't thin kit is physically demanding at all. It's a cushy fat-ass job. But I do think it can be very mentally taxing having to up with all the complaints of every psychotic woman in the circuit calling to complain about shit. I know a more than one couple who finally qualified to go into the CO work, and left after a couple circuits (or less).


  • Wonderment

    CO: However please be assured of our love. We are confident that you will be cared for by Jehovah's organization. As for Joy and myself, we spent sometime with our respective families before we transitioned to another assignment in Jehovah's service.

    We are all confident of Jehovah's direction by way of the governing body and by way of the branch. What a rich life Jehovah has provided for us. We are assured nor he [Jehovah] nor his organization will forget the labors we have performed for his name. May Jehovah continue to be with all of you.

    Unrelated to the subject, the announcement made by a WT representative once again makes clear that Jesus plays a minor role (if any) in the JW organization. Jesus is not given any honor. The human organization is given more prominence.

  • LevelThePlayingField

    Wonderment - you are so right. In the CO's letter never once is Jesus mentioned. But boy did he beat the the pants out the words "Jehovah's organization". It makes you wonder :(

  • LevelThePlayingField

    I managed to put the recording of the announcement on youtube. Crank your volume.

  • freddo

    So in the mail he gets the bullet on the Thursday (Oct 29th?) before the Part B half of the circuit Assembly. He keeps up appearances throughout the weekend (so the Part A congs hear about it in the letter) and writes to all the circuit who read it out.

    Paragraph One shows his shock and that he is sad about it.

    Paragraph Two is on autopilot - we didn't want to be a distraction at the assembly - another dude will arrive and the subs will look after you - Jehovah's Org will provide.

    But shining through like a beacon is the bewilderment and disappointment; he and "Joy" are off to lick their wounds with their family.

    Paragraph Three

    Dramatic change (he's overwhelmed) and listing the rest being put against the wall. This is self protection of reputation - not just us - it's everyone - we're not singled out!

    Then it's like he is telling himself loudly "Jah and his org. loves me, he won't forget me, I'm confident! How wonderful Jah is!"

    All it needs is "Goodbye cruel world."

    Another poster said of those being booted - they're all in shock and the true fallout will be over the coming months when they really have to face up to life outside the bubble.

    At least they can watch the fat cats and their "help themselves helpers" on jdub broadcasting.

  • dozy

    Thanks for the transcript. I'm sure the CO & his wife's families will be delighted having them mooching around their houses for a few weeks. Not.

    The one thing I find quite odd about this is that the CO writes to the congregations , informing them about the change. Why doesn't the Society do it? I wonder whether the letter is really approved by the Bethel ( I suspect not )- especially as the tone of it isn't completely positive. Normally these things are so scripted.

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