CO in midwest gets pink-slipped

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  • FayeDunaway
    It must be such a shock to go from being practically worshipped everywhere you go, agreed with about everything--you are always right, given money and gifts and free livelihoods...and to suddenly be kicked to the curb and your word means nothing and good luck supporting yourself and starting over at your age, and hopefully you have family to turn to and parasite off of. The message is clear: Give your life to the org! And when we're done with you we don't care what happens to you, see ya!
  • Gayle
    I think many getting dismissed, are stunned yet. Still doing the positive talk about the org. out of habit. But I expect as this next year rolls in, that many will have a different tune.
  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    LEVELTPF - I had a William Redd as CO here in NJ within the past 5+(-ish) or so years -- I'm almost certain this is the same guy (our CO did PA as well). . . .

    He was black and also single when he visited us. He always was a bit "distant." For instance, when "the friends" would provide lunch for him and the service group at the hall during noon break, he would say the prayer, grab his food, and retreat to an isolated corner of the KH foyer, obviously trying to avoid eye contact/conversation with anyone present. Decent speaker from the stage, but not a "people person."

    Funny, I remember him (if this is the guy) going on a bit of a tear against apostates. 'Why do apostates speak out against Jehovahs organization? No one forced them to be here. There's no locks on the back door, you can leave when you please, no one will stop you. So, why do they speak out against us as if they were forced to be here" or something to that effect.

  • Giordano

    If he has had a prior health issue the Society can check their records and determine that he may become a serious health liability at any time. For appearance sake if they are getting rid of him they have to do it when he is still healthy.

    As far as the congregations having to pay for the 'services' of a CO then the dynamic changes. Who is he working for? The Society pays for the CO so he's employed by them. If the congregation has to finance his week then he's working for the congregations.

    If you don't like his manner or his suggestions, or his discipline your going to ask to have him dismissed, or just ignore him or at the very least not be able to raise donations. You are also going to talk to other Elders in the circuit and fine out if they have had problems with that person. I see a lot of complaints aimed at the WTBTS if they go in that direction.....and a lot more independence on the congregational level.......especially if the Societies policies becomes devalued.

  • blondie
    There are several circuits in this area that have substitute COs that have been trained to replace the CO when he is on vacation or other assignments such as the pioneer school, or ill or wife ill or parents ill.
  • sparrowdown

    I think the position of CO is way over the head of younger couples raised in the truth from a sheltered background. They are clueless when it comes to children, work, or any of the real problems people face.

    Older converts that have experienced the real world make better COs but the job is very physically demanding for anyone over 40. Unless you're extremely fit, which, let's face it JWs are too busy to be physically fit.

  • tim3l0rd
    Maybe his numbers and the congregations' numbers were bad. If there was a downward trend or if a few BoEs had contacted the branch about him, they would look to replace him just like you'd replace a middle manager.

    The branch office will appoint another circuit overseer in due time

    I would say this has more to do with the one CO and is not indicative of retiring all CO's.

    I seriously doubt the pink-slipped CO would've been allowed by the Society to contact congregations with such a letter if his "reassignment" had related specifically to him for some confidential reason. The only communication would be official and come directly from HQ bearing some camouflaged language. Plus I doubt the guy would've feigned such cluelessness in his letter if he was aware something really was up with him and his wife.

    That seems to indicate that they're not getting rid of or decreasing the number of COs in general, but are maybe getting rid of the older ones who are getting to the age that they might be more trouble than they're worth.
    This guy's letter clearly indicates he's been told absolutely nothing, including whether a truly new CO is being assigned. He's likely merely assuming. He knows for certain only that he and his wife were given the boot. So it could be all of these scenarios, some, or only one.

    What it's very unlikely to be, however, is 'none of the above,' imo.


    Captive 7/1972 - 2/2001

  • truthlover

    In Canada, there was a letter read just a month ago that they wanted the cong to ante up $8.75 per pub to cver co expenses, travel and insurance???? Whats up in the US??

  • pepperheart
    If they are so short of money that they have to get rid of a CO then im going to carry on trashing all the teaching books from the trolleys they might be the last one that they can afford to print.

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