CO in midwest gets pink-slipped

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  • freddo


    Oh yes there are tremendous money saving possibilities with CO's. You could halve them like this:

    Present circuits double up so that one CO looks after an expanded circuit of 40 congregations. Wife is allowed to type up all schedules, be his secretary. (I mean if Monica Applewhite can see the elder book and branch manual then why not?) He must visit each congregation at least once a year. He has a pool of at least six (unpaid) brown-nose asst. substitute CO's from among the 40 congregations who can do the other visit in the year.

    Then consolidate the congregations so that the 40 drops to 36 which will allow the CO a bit more time to exercise control over difficult congregations by personally visiting twice a year where needed. (or for a half week along with the sub CO)

    This will allow a bit more time for extra assembly days as the circuits will need to be divided into A.B.C.D. sections.

    Think of all those cars, apartments and insurances that can be saved. Good eh?

  • Calebs Airplane
    Calebs Airplane
    religious corporations are allowed to discriminate against their old farts.
  • eyeuse2badub

    The borg might have gotten wind of him having some doubts or even espousing some ttatt?

    just saying!


  • 4thgen
    So much for a career that will last...didn't they say not to go to college, and get a good paying pioneer instead? Career with everlasting benefits???? They likened a 'worldly career as taking a job on the Titanic...Well it appears they called that one wrong, too! Pink slip....Priceless!
  • carla
    What states did this guy cover?
  • Magnum

    The branch office will appoint another circuit overseer in due time

    That seems to indicate that they're not getting rid of or decreasing the number of COs in general, but are maybe getting rid of the older ones who are getting to the age that they might be more trouble than they're worth.

    rip van winkle, in a post above, indicated that this guy was a CO in NYC years ago, so he must be older.

    We are at a disadvantage as we honestly have few answers at this time.

    That's odd. So, they just got the boot with not much notice and not much, if any, explanation?

    transfer to the regular pioneer activity

    So, does that mean they will be on their own financially - no help?

  • _Morpheus

    This raises some interesting questions about the length and breadth of cut backs or if thos was a "one of" scenario

    @magnum, thats absolutly what that means. 100% on their own.

  • cognac
    How do they think they will pioneer now that they have to support themselves?
  • _Morpheus
    The branch does not care one bit. Ive seen it up close. They are pittyless, soulless beings when it comes to these moves. The desert god will provide....or something.
  • sir82

    but are maybe getting rid of the older ones who are getting to the age that they might be more trouble than they're worth.

    That would be my bet.

    I keep thinking that a primary reason for the layoffs of SPs and Bethelites (and now, apparently, COs) is to reduce their exposure to potentially catastrophic medical expenses.Or maybe even not-so-catastrophic.

    People in their 50's & above are at greater risk for all sorts of "first world" diseases which are very expensive (at least in the US) to treat.

    I recall reading somewhere that the WTS self-insures its "special order" volunteers. Imagine the cost of just prescription medicine alone for the typical American 50-something, without any sort of medical insurance. Now multiply that by thousands of Bethelites, SPs, COs, and their wives.

    Do you know the age of the affected CO? I'd be curious to see if my hunch was right.

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