Expanding number of DC/RC's

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  • joe134cd

    Yes I to remember when the conventions were held in smaller venues and thinking to myself how am I supposed to find a partner when it's the same ol faces I see just getting older. To be honest I quite liked the DA because there were always fresh faces.

  • WTWizard

    Smaller attendance has its down side. You spread it too thin, you restrict opportunities to meet someone that could be a spouse. In turn, that restricts the birth rate (genocide?). It also leads to more stagnation--when you see the same few people all the time, it tends to get rather blah.

    No wonder people get so worked up about Israel missions that they shouldn't be having. Like the one they had during the spring of 2015. Like the one I predict they will at least try to have sometime in 2018 (and I hope it gets called off because the dollar becomes toilet paper, preventing anyone from going--and no, they can NOT use my silver to finance it). Blah-ify things too much, and people will be eager to lend a hand to rabbis in Mea Shearim to use black magic against the whole human race.

  • jws

    Using smaller venues in more places certainly makes it more accessible. I just posted about my friend receiving a flyer on her door for an assembly some 90 miles away. Who's going to go all that way? And for locals too?

    Having an in-town assembly means you don't spend as much on travel (gas, hotels, eating out). Which you can in turn, donate. And many towns don't have mammoth convention centers, but often have something small that will do.

    Aren't they also moving towards broadcasted parts too? Which means you don't have to have smaller amounts of RCs so that a dignitary can visit each one. Now that same person can be in all of them across the nation at once.

    Certainly crimps the old social life though. Pickings are usually slim locally for a JW looking to date. Large conventions always meant more dateable people. Plus, with many people flooding the local hotel swimming pools, you got to meet girls in a more relaxed environment (and in swimwear) who would otherwise have gone home if it were local. If all you have is the 2 choices in your hall or maybe the dozen at the circuit level, there may not be enough variety and you look outside the JWs, become unevenly yoked, maybe end up leaving.

    Plus, like somebody said, the excitement of a big convention. Circuit assemblies seemed so boring because they were smaller. It was more like going to a big meeting than a convention.

    Probably good business, but one with unseen repercussions.

  • Vidiot

    Scheduling more assemblies/conventions whilst making them smaller?

    Sounds to me like a clever way to hide a decline in membership from said membership.

  • DesirousOfChange

    JWs are great at playing games with the numbers.


  • hoser

    It will be a hell of a lot more convienient for the attendees if it is closer to home.

  • jws

    Maybe in the future, assemblies and conventions will devolve into just sitting at your local Kingdom Hall in front of a large flat screen TV. Maybe via Roku. Then they can count each and every kingdom hall as a convention and brag how many conventions they have.

  • OnTheWayOut
    EyesOpenHeartBroken2 days agoIf they cut it to 2 days, they could even hold 2 RCs per weekend...Friday/Saturday and Sunday/Monday.
    They could reduce set up time and cost of venues and rake in 2 weekends worth of cash in one.
    Arghhh..did I just give them a good idea...?

    Stop giving them such good advice. RC's in an Assembly Hall are to hide the lack of attendance, but mainly for keeping the money in-house. Simple as that. Once they are sure they can get the same money for two-days, three-day events are history.

    millie2102 days agoYes, if they make the big summer assembly seem like the old circuit assemblies then where is the excitement?
    Besides, isnt this one of the ways to marry off their young people? Let them see each other at the "big" assembly?
    I remember the young people used to do the promenade round and round in those big ole coliseums!

    They don't care about members being "excited." Or a better answer- They see the young ones leaving anyway.

  • steve2

    Conventions are money drainers and time wasters . An organization priding itself on efficiency will have no trouble shrinking them.

  • Vidiot

    hoser - "It will be a hell of a lot more convienient for the attendees if it is closer to home."

    The WTS is concerned about attendees' convenience?


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