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  • DwainBowman

    According to my elder in law, by next year the number of DC/RC's will increase by 143. The size of conventions will get smaller. The elder in law says the goal is to make them all have around 2,000 or so at each. They are going to make more manuals detailing each job and it's responsibilities. Already this year many of the RC's had almost all new top dogs running the show. My elder in law says that they want to make it easy to change people in any position, without even having had training! At the one I had to go to, already had almost all new and younger brothers, in every major role in almost every department!


  • blondie

    Those older elders tend to be less "obedient" and trying to call the shots thinking the WTS was dependent on them. Is this a result of younger male jws reaching out or using MS more for those positions. It's hard to believe they have enough new elders to handle the need for more admins, perhaps using elders that were rejected in the past.

    In this area a few years ago a furloughed Bethelite CO came through and removed all the older elders, 20 of them in one year....city overseer, convention senior staff, etc. The 2 halves of the circuit have not recovered yet.

    Now they can use some assembly halls during the summer and year round with the one day? circuit assembly and "SAD" taking up only one weekend. The money will go in the pocket of the WTS rather than some secular organization.

  • Doubting Bro
    Doubting Bro

    Makes sense. They are already using AHs in many places so just push more to those venues. Although, I know for a fact that many cities offer substantially reduced rates or subsidize the rental of venues to attach RC business. The RC held closest to me does that. In those cases, the WTS makes a killing because they lead the attendees to believe that it costs quite a bit to even rent the facility when the reality is that they spend so little they may not be able to host it themselves in an AH at a lower cost.

    It's all about MONEY. These RCs generate a ton of income for the WTS. They are just looking to squeeze a bit more out.


    More RC's creates the illusion of growth, even though they are just spreading the Dubs around. Who knows, maybe someone at HQ is actually trying to make these "bible-based" events easier for the R&F?


  • OneEyedJoe

    I've seen this play out locally - the conventions in 2012 and 2013 (the last ones I went to that wasn't an international convention, which can't really be used as a data point here) were showing a decline in attendance. Last year they moved to a new location that is much smaller (probably about 60% the size) and added one more weekend.

    I think this is at least in part designed to disguise the decline in attendance. They still have a smaller attendance, but now there's an excuse that the R/F can tell themselves - they've moved to a smaller venue and added more convention dates to compensate. The vast majority of those that even notice the decline in numbers will be appeased by this excuse and won't actually do the math to realize that the additional convention date doesn't make up for all of the decline.

  • Gayle

    So it sounds like "three" circuit assemblies a year now!? Only one is 3 days long and two are one day each? Maybe the RC could go down to two days and the WT could still get as much money donation for it?

    No one will notice their masses and baptisms shrinking And as their older ones age, they won't miss the massive crowds. The WT is preparing for a slow fizzling.

  • Londo111

    The special assembly day went down to 0 days.

    The circuit assembly went down to 1 day.

    It's not impossible to believe that eventually the convention will be 2 days.

  • ToesUp

    The entire org (cult ) is being restructured.

    We think they will eventually have the RC's at local assembly halls. No longer using the big venues. It's all a shell game. Keep moving the shells, so no one notices the changes (decrease in #'s).

  • konceptual99

    There has been discussion about the future of RCs before and there are some who think it's too much of a money spinner to move from larger hired venues.

    My personal opinion is that the idea of RCs being 2 days at assembly halls is not that far fetched. I have also wondered if they might do a combination event where the RC is in an assembly hall with a bunch of kingdom halls tied in. Why? Firstly because they may not have enough RC capacity. Secondly the streaming technology is increasingly there and is being tested and proven with regular smaller event. The question would be can they make more money this way? Perhaps they could if they fill the RC with invited members, elders, pioneers, older ones, baptism candidates/family - i.e. the cohort of RC attendees most likely to contribute anyway.

  • Incognito

    As JWs have a history of using their vacation time to attend DCs, is there any reason a RC couldn't be held at an assembly hall during week days? That could easily expand the number of RCs an assembly hall could accommodate.

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