Expanding number of DC/RC's

by DwainBowman 44 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • OrphanCrow

    Sorry, Steve - I got it backwards...or upside down, or something :)

  • DesirousOfChange

    More conventions means more speaking opportunities,more demos, more interviews, (even with all the video blurbs). Getting more Elders/MS involved benefits the bOrg.

    When people are involved they feel more needed and more important and it increases their ties to the group. It has never mattered if they are "capable" speakers or not. It only matters if they are obedient and loyal.


  • steve2

    It would be informative to do a complete history of conventions/assemblies in the Watchtower Society, from is incorporation as a legal corporation in 1876 to the present day . I know they predate Russell's death, but their "use" under Rutherford's presidency appeared to have an enforced unifying purpose.

    Moreover, at one time (at least until the 1970s), conventions served as the venue for presenting new information and teachings . Apparently it was stopped being the venue for new information and teachings because it would take the rank and file by surprise and there'd be post-convention murmurings. So nowadays new information and teachings - I refuse to call it "new light" - is presented at the annual general meeting of the Watchtower Society in September( is that the month?) . This new information is usually presented in a matter-of-fact way to minimise negative reactions and the rank and file hear about it first in their home congregations - less disruptive.

  • Vidiot

    DwainBowman - "...My elder in law says that they want to make it easy to change people in any position, without even having had training..."


    These days, the average rank-and-filer is so unskilled, they can do that already. :smirk:

    (PS: "Elder-in-law"... too funny.)

  • Vidiot

    @ DesirousOfChange...

    Not to mention smaller venues also (probably) make it easier to ensure designated speakers stick to the script.

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