Expanding number of DC/RC's

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  • OrphanCrow
    steve2: Conventions are money drainers...

    I thought that the only money being drained was from the attendees' pockets. I have always been under the impression that conventions were big money making operations for the WTS

  • blondie

    If you consider that the WTS gets paid their "share" off the top first, it is not a drain on them. But for the rank and file to hear after donating their allotted money each day for their family that the WTS is still in the hole as to conventions expenditures, where do the faithful donaters get the money, draining from already closely budget monies for shelter, food, gas, etc.

  • Vidiot

    @ OrphanCrow...

    I think that's what steve2 actually meant.

  • DwainBowman

    I had another talk with the elder BIW Thursday, after he got back from the walk through for the RC this past weekend. Now he said that the 140 number isn't all, but that over the next few years, they plan to add more than 200+ over the next few years.

    He got pretty upset with me, when I said that all those big 7 & 8 day assembly's weren't needed, that they were such a burden on family's, and that looking back on them, so much of what was talked about, would now be "old light" and that almost every single publication received, are now on the list we're now discourage from reading!


  • someDUDEinAsmallCubicalSomewhereOverTheRAINBOX

    At our assembly hall, they stuff us in there like cattle. So it definitely has the the "feel" of being "more" people at each RC. Even the meeting rooms and eating areas upstairs are used.

    But you look at the schedule and there is like 10 during the months of June-Aug lool SO FAKE!!! It's definitely a trick to hide the number decrease....

  • blondie

    Yes those big conventions were a burden, long way to drive, staying in rented rooms in private homes for the poor, hotels for the rich, stadiums without potty parity, no AC, outdoors, limited parking, etc. We had to drive 1,000 miles to Pasadena one year, and Winnepeg, Manitoba, one year. Sharing space with 40,000 to 118,000 people each day.

    As to finding mates, we just circuit hopped and convention hopped by going to nearby circuits and districts. We even congregation hopped. It helped if your father was an elder and traveled often to give public talks.

    My uncle traveled throughout the Midwest and was always hunting for me (not that I asked him to).

  • JWdaughter

    I live in the greater Houston area and we have dozens of very large venues nearby-but we got invited to the loyalty convention at the assembly hall about 20 miles from us in a upscale community. Can you imagine all of Houston (local pop over 6 million) JWs meeting 2000 or so at a time ? That assembly hall will be BUSY.

  • OrphanCrow

    Busting up large groups of JWs makes it easier to handle them - easier to spot apostates etc.

    This is not a new technique - it is what Rutherford did back in the 30s when he was restructuring the JWs. He busted down the large congregations and made them into little ones. He dissipated the power outside of himself - smaller groups had less power within each one.

    So much of what is going on with the JWs today is simply a re-make of the early Rutherford years. He, too, was dealing with a failing membership and the re-structuring and re-branding that he did leading up to the founding of the JW religion was largely successful. Maybe the WTS is trying to take a leaf out of Rutherford's playbook

  • Vidiot

    Orphan, baby, you nailed it.


    WT loyalists - particularly the leadership - have always revered Rutherford and run the Org the way he would have (even if they weren't even aware of it).

  • steve2

    Vidiot, yes, you're right: I meant conventions are a drain on the rank and file.

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