Expanding number of DC/RC's

by DwainBowman 44 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • OneEyedJoe

    There has been discussion about the future of RCs before and there are some who think it's too much of a money spinner to move from larger hired venues.

    If they make decisions based on money (which it appears that may be one of their primary motivators) then the smart thing to do would be to go case-by-case. For districts (I guess regions, now?) that don't contribute as much at the convention it would be better to split these up and move into assembly halls. For those that are real money makers - keep them in hired venues (greater perceived cost to the R/F and therefore greater contributions) and split up just enough to hide any decline in numbers, but keep the group large enough that people don't question why they don't just use the assembly hall.

  • dubstepped

    Makes me remember when I was younger and helped remove rows of chairs from the KH to make it look fuller. I had forgotten about that. Attendance was down and it didn't look so empty that way.

  • OverlappingGeneralizations

    I bet if they made the RC shorter (2 days) they'd probably still have it on friday and saturday instead of saturday and sunday, just so people would still be required to quit their jobs if they can't get friday off.

  • Crazyguy

    I think the move is to hide the decline and make it so the RCs can be held in the assembly halls the Borg already owns making them more money.

  • EyesOpenHeartBroken

    If they cut it to 2 days, they could even hold 2 RCs per weekend...Friday/Saturday and Sunday/Monday.

    They could reduce set up time and cost of venues and rake in 2 weekends worth of cash in one.

    Arghhh..did I just give them a good idea...?

  • millie210

    If they are going to add 143, then how many are there now?

    I wouldnt have thought there were more than a hundred or so already?

  • DwainBowman
    blondie, believe it or not, they have started pushing bodies of eldubs to start training more younger ones to try and become ms's and eldub's, in the last couple of years, and co's are pressing the issue. In years past, many times the old el-fart's in charge saw younger ones as a threat to their power, and would seldom bestow anything on anyone, unless it just became a have to. I have been in many cong's, and have see it both ways, but by far, the seldom appointing newer ones was the most often thing done!!!!!!
  • startingover

    I think this can have a negative affect on the attitude of the attenders. Since I quit going 15 years ago, my wife does not go to the one she's assigned to, but goes to one where she can see old friends. It's just a social club after all. If they make it smaller and they just get to see the same old ones all the time much of the excitement is going to wear off. Imagine if they did it linked to KH's in areas where the AH is smaller as someone mentioned, how boring.

  • freemindfade

    I think this is a ploy to cover shrinking attendance

  • millie210

    Yes, if they make the big summer assembly seem like the old circuit assemblies then where is the excitement?

    Besides, isnt this one of the ways to marry off their young people? Let them see each other at the "big" assembly?

    I remember the young people used to do the promenade round and round in those big ole coliseums!

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