Honeymoon over for the carts

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  • ToesUp

    More people are on the internet checking out EVERYTHING they come across. The internet is making a huge impact on who wants to become involved with these crazy cults. By nature, people will avoid anything that has "stink" on it. WT has a lot of "stink" on it. The internet is a wonderful thing for the JW's. More and more are checking it out.

    The only way WT will have any kind of minimal growth is by baptizing all the born ins.

  • blondie

    This reminds me of going door to door with the phonographs...I don't think that was very productive. And not everyone had a phonograph...too expensive...and sound cars...and placards.

    Jesus and his disciples never used those things...though the WTS compares codexes to that showing people going d2d with scrolls.

    Where I live there is a large university that allows groups to set up tables on the commons...but the jws cannot approach people....same thing.

  • sp74bb
    A low production and result option for JW. During last year, only Mormons came to my door...
  • Gorbatchov
    The changes are about how do we keep the rank and file busy.
  • steve2

    Cart work HAS been effective in taking the last bit of steam out of the door-to-door work.

    If you think the cart work is lame, take a look at the door-to-door work - if you can find 'em.

    BTW, locally, the JWs who do cart work - which is very infrequently - seem to hide in unused doorways metres from buskers.

    It's not that passersby ignore them but more that passersby don't even notice them in the first place.

    Talk about degrees of lameness.

  • Finkelstein

    I got the impression that cart witnessing started partially by the cost of gas and the wear and tear onto people's vehicles, . Pioneers were wearing out their cars and also racking up a huge gas bills every month.

    Lets face it sitting next to a literature cart is easy a bit boring at times, but if your with someone you can have conversation or gossip about another brother or sister..

    Especially easy when you can sit in a coffee shop sipping on hot coffee while occasionally glancing over at the cart to see if someone picks up a piece of literature.

  • stuckinarut2

    Its all about keeping the flock BUSY (in the insular "witness world" anyway)

  • jookbeard
    thanks Paul for that chart, the magical 8000 hour mark is very close!
  • Divergent
    The very first time the literature cart initiative started in my cong, there were around 20 pubs who turned up! (some just to observe) Now they are appealing for volunteers to man the carts... LOL!!!

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