Honeymoon over for the carts

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  • sparrowdown

    Door to door work is dead.

    Long live the website.

  • pepperheart
    In my 54 years i have lived in four different houses but never has a jw been to the door
  • greenhornet
    In my town I see the carts at the train/bus depot and the county court house campus. Some times I recognize them so I give them a wide berth . However in downtown Seattle am with my daughter and I walk up to them and ask them if they are Mormons. They say say no " were are JW"s. But I just go on and on about the Mormons and how I think they are the same. Meanwell my daughter is pulling on my arm saying Dad stop it ,lets go.
  • Hadriel

    It's only a matter of time before you see paid ads on Youtube, Mobile apps, Twitter, Facebook etc. With the school being 86'd lack of skilled witnessing it's only a matter of time before you see an all digital campaign of sorts. The cart witnessing is largely a flop. Just not a good way to reach anyone in 2015. Not to mention for it to work you need aggressive sales types for it which they don't have.

    Be on the look out for only more of a digital presence in the future.

  • freddo

    If the complete juddering halt on building becomes "Move Ahead! Move Ahead (tm) to fleece the flock." Then the busy busy pioneers can get back to being tradespeople's assistants for free.

    This equals even less ministry time on the carts and D2D which means the hours per baptism will rise to the 10,000 mark.

    I cannot see any "crafty act" - other than "if your kid is unbaptised at ten he's birdfood!" by the magnificent seven that will change the fact they are peddling crap and more people will go online and check it out.

  • Pistoff

    With the current 'brains' running the show, the reason for the trolleys can't be parsed out.

    I think it is because the door to door work is not at all effective, and the dropout rate is holding steady at 2/3, ie, 67% of children raised a witness leave the church.

    So rather than wonder if their message is unappealing, or that maybe the public has learned on their own that they are NOT a group where you want to raise a family (think the sex abuse scandal, and the leadership digging in their heels), these brain surgeons at the top think, Hey, what about a LITERATURE CART?

    THIS is what happens when you get to the top of a group by being a yes man, promoted by other yes men, and when leaders cannot be challenged or questioned.

  • punkofnice

    From my 'Millions Now Living' book.......

    Yeah, I know...even I'm fed up seeing this now; which in itself is a good metaphor.

  • jookbeard
    I had to almost choke on my tea about a particular experience by one of the brain dead who was explaining that the general public love to have to WT and Awake magazines to read on the trains/tubes and buses on their commute to work every morning! not only is that boast such an utter lie I take it she has not been on a train in the rush hour,even the free newspapers struggle these days, 99.9% of people are glued to their smarphones with earphones plugged in their ears
  • konceptual99

    I think they are following a strategy of introducing change to try and keep people motivated. The carts, reduced pioneer hours, special campaigns and now the changes to reporting to make pretty much anything count simply paper over the cracks but are enough of a veneer to keep people chugging along, especially in areas where growth is negligible.

    For areas where there is still greater growth then all the above methods are fine as well but if people are more open to a Bible study and less willing or capable of questioning what they are learning then the added benefit is that the publishers feel motivated simply because people seem interested.

  • TheListener
    Like most things in dubland; when it's new its exciting and everyone wants to be a part of it but it only takes a few month or a year for the excitement to die down and for the apathy to creep back in.

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