Honeymoon over for the carts

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  • Vidiot

    I suspect the carts were intended as...

    a) ...a way of making it even easier to be a loyalist committed to the Org ('cause using them takes virtually zero effort), and...

    b) ...to try and mitigate the inevitable "chid abusers are knocking on your doors trying to recruit your kids!"

  • jonahstourguide

    Ok folks, I was going to start a new thread but thought this one fitted the bill.

    The honeymoon may well be over in Australia for different reasons. Currently,

    Public Liability insurance is taken out by one person to cover all who use the carts. Apparently,

    there is a letter generated by the Australia Bethel Branch stating that "anyone using the cart needs to take out their own public liability insurance". I'm also told that all cart use in the melbourne CBD has been stopped. And that there is to be no connection with the Australia Branch and the use of carts. It will be the individuals personal choice. Tj informant told me that the branch is wiping its hands of the liability associated with the carts. When I get or hear clarification I will forward the same.

    It is meant to be read out tonight I'm told or at least the eldubs in charge will be "instructed".

    I will keep you posted.


  • TheListener
    Thanks JTG. I wonder if the insurance angle will become an issue in other countries. I am not really up on the cart witnessing thing so I wonder if they need insurance in the UK or USA?
  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    It's so funny, when the wife see those carts she takes a picture and show it to me when

    she get home. In every snap the all look the same, bored out of their mind. She takes the

    pictures to see if I recognize any one, hell it's been over 29 years since I was a JW. LOL

  • Magnum
    jonahstourguide, that is interesting. Please do keep us posted.

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