Honeymoon over for the carts

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  • Deltawave

    Speaking with inlaws I another congregation today who said exactly what is being said in our own hall.

    The trolly work is long and boring and no one even notices they are there anymore but walk right on by.

    Jehovah really is speeding up the work lol

  • slimboyfat
    You'd think one afternoon would be long enough to be able to arrive at this startlingly obvious conclusion.
  • HappyHappyHappy1914

    I think we've seen this for a long time. However, it remains that the trolley work is still promoted heavily in magazines and broadcasts and sold as a super efficient way of ministering. However, it simply serves as a very easy way to get time.

    Everytime I ask people who have done it how successful it is...they always get quiet and mumble something about how important is just for people to see it. They make it clear that people are not interested in having a conversation or even grabbing a book.

    And I must add that this is another example of setting to lofty expectations. They are constantly told how amazing the work is and makes everyone who doesn't find success feel terrible about themselves. They must be doing something wrong. Its much like any other presentation.

  • wannaexit
    Enthusiasm has waned. Although for pioneers, I think its still a great way to get their time in.
  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions
    They're going to have to build some kind of hot coffee dispenser off the back of those things.
  • JeffT
    They're going to have to build some kind of hot coffee dispenser off the back of those things.

    If they tried that here (Seattle) they'd have a line formed in about three minutes. Of course they would all be looking for double tall lattes and the like, but it would generate some attention.

  • jookbeard
    so true, the idiots that seem to be the decision makers with the WT were years late with this so called way of reaching the masses , the only excitement they get in my local town is when I walk past them and take their written trash that gets dumped as soon as I get home, an utterly pointless waste of every ones time, why can they wake up?
  • pepperheart
    ive never seen so many old teaching books that they cant give away on the trolleys from 2010 and 2006 but i try to bring a smile to the trolley dollys and take some books to put in the trash can
  • David_Jay

    So this is the result of years and years and years of the now-defunct Theocratic Ministry School and Service Meeting--standing silent by a stand displaying literature written in dumb-downed language with a smile on one's face?

    You hear that sound of moaning. groaning, snapping, and rumbling? That is the sound of the millions of dead Jehovah's Witnesses from the past 100-years-plus turning over in their graves.

    While I have no love for the religion, today's Witness dishonors the hard work and tradition of the generations of Witnesses that came before by not upholding their religious culture of speaking up with real conversations to get people involved and talking about God and his Kingdom.

    Listen to that! The Kingdom proclaimers have grown silent! These are the inheritors of the "true religion" preached by the likes of the Apostle Peter and the Apostle Paul? Can you imagine them standing by a similar kiosk of the first century, some booth, standing with a smile as people passed them by in the marketplace? Can you imagine Jesus doing that in the Temple, standing by a booth of scrolls of the Torah, the Writings, and the Prophets, silent as people zoomed by in their busy lives? How short, action-less, and silent the Gospels would be if that was the case! We would have to rename "Acts of the Apostles" to "Hours of Standing By Silent and Doing Nothing of the Apostles"!

  • careful
    THANK YOU, DAVID JAY! They have become more and more shameful.

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