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  • OnTheWayOut
    So why do you do it? It's hard work for no gain. Why not just call it quits and fade away?

    Even though people will give their answers that virtually always include loved ones, they should ask themselves your questions. Some could very well leave.

  • LisaRose

    A lot of here are actually out, I have been for fifteen years. People stay in for various reasons, usually family obligations. It's easy to say just walk away, but you aren't walking in their shoes, so why judge? They will leave when they leave.

  • JW_Rogue
    If someone is doing something they don't want to do and being somewhere they don't want to be then that pretty much fulfils my definition of not being true to yourself as you're trying to keep on the right side of other people by modifying your own behaviour. Your definition may be different.

    Landy, I can't speak for any others here but I took no offense to your comment. In the end I do want to find a way to be true myself and true in my relationship with others. However, I fear that this must be embarked on very slowly. I'm a MS currently and if I just stop showing up for meetings it will be very noticeable. If I sit my wife down and have a talk about everything I'm thinking, I could be getting a divorce very soon. Even by fading away I will not really be able to be 100% truthful. I will have to come up with excuses for why I'm not attending, going out in service etc. To really be true to myself I would have to walk in and tell everyone what I really think about everything and likely be DFed. I have thought about that before. Sometimes when I am called upon to give some part (being an MS and all) I will miss the meeting on purpose. The reason being that lately I get very anxious that I will say the wrong thing on stage and give myself away. It is not an easy place to be in, if I need to fake it a little bit to get the best results then I will do it.

  • Finkelstein

    So why do you do it? It's hard work for no gain. Why not just call it quits and fade away?

    Many who post here including myself have been out the Borg for decades.

    We come here to help people out with information they are seeking about the WTS/JWS , in a sincere attempt to strive for the truth and knowledge.

    Many here also have lost their families to this disingenuous pretentious cult, so they are compelled to help others to be forewarned about what could happen to them.

    Its really about how you compassionately feel toward humanity in general.

    The gain is when people thank you for being honest in presenting information that the indulgently corrupt Watchtower Publishing house would never reveal .

    This single web site alone has helped thousands toward revealing the truth about the the truth. and in that endeavor has probably saved human lives in the process.

    Its all about how much compassionate you are toward humanity,.

  • KateWild

    I left too within months of learning TTATT.

    From reading some of Landy's responses it doesn't really seem like Landy cares that much about the individuals here and their struggles.

    I would take everything that's said with a pinch of salt.

    Kate xx

  • Landy

    I seem to have acquired my very own internet stalker.

    Kewl :)

  • konceptual99

    I missed this thread first time round but in my efforts to try and understand where Kate is coming from on another thread I have come across it.

    Having read the thread I have no axe to grind with Landy. It seems to me that he is simply asking the question without prejudice and I see no harm in being challenged once in a while.

    I guess I would probably fit the bill in terms of the sort of behaviour that Landy is questioning. I have come a long way but still tied to a modicum of Witness activity. It's not simple but it's good to think about some of the points he has raised and reflect on what I am allowing to happen through my behaviour.

  • Landy

    I still stand by it tbh. I struggle to understand why people put themselves through the grind of being a good JW when they don't believe a word of it. I can understand the not wanting to upset any family that are still going but the innate dishonesty of not being myself would be too much for me.

  • KateWild

    I like to find out what type of person is quoting me and how they speak to others too.

    That's what great about the intenet, once you say it it's out there for everyone to see.

    Kate xx

  • Simon

    KateWild. Grow up.

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