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  • ThinkerBelle
    Because it's not that easy for most and I even have a husband that is not in and agrees with what I've discovered (he used to be part of it, but left for other reasons, never baptised). I work with parents and I rely heavily on my mom to help with the care of children while I work. My inlaws are less than reliable and a bit crazy.....okay, maybe a lot and not responsible. I can't just up and leave yet because I rely on that help and I do have a few meaningful relationships with others that have kids as well, but it doesn't take hard work either to pretend to be one.........attend meetings to catch up on my reading - the electronic age has helped greatly with this (I do skip some sporadically every month...especially midweek), fabricate a service report; I go out for an hour maybe 1 saturday a month for show, but feign conducting study with kids for rest of my hours......and I really do talk to them about Bible things, just may not be the accepted JW theories.
  • Landy

    No judgement given or intended, it was simply a question and an observation.

    Good luck to those trying to fade quietly away - hope it's as painless as possible.

  • cognac
    Landy- you didn't answer my question...
  • Landy

    Sorry, didn't realise answering your question was compulsory, but seeing as you asked twice ;)

    If someone is doing something they don't want to do and being somewhere they don't want to be then that pretty much fulfils my definition of not being true to yourself as you're trying to keep on the right side of other people by modifying your own behaviour. Your definition may be different.

    However, I do understand people's reason for doing it.

    People have to find their own way through their issues and I'm certainly in no position to judge the way in which they do it.

  • cognac

    Landry, you still didn't answer my question.

    "Are you trying to say you don't think JW_Rogue is being true to him/her self?"

  • cognac

    Landry- Don't do this round about answering thing where you avoid the question. You quoted JW-Rogues post and then stated, "One of the few things I've learned in this life is that first and foremost you have to be true to yourself. If you can't be true to yourself then you can't be true to anyone else."

    You state someone isn't being true to themselves but in the same breath you say you understand their reasons for doing it. imo, that is judgement all and condescending. Don't take us for idiots. Don't tell someone they aren't being true to themselves but you, "understand".

    I call BS on this...

  • Landy
    I haven't avoided any question. Your inability to read or extrapolate an answer from the things I've written is your problem, not mine.
  • JWdaughter

    If one has family in (or other circumstances) it can be super difficult to just leave to "be true to yourself". The reason is that the WT makes sure that it is super difficult by the way they treat you, the way others are forced to treat you if they wish to remain in. The more you are in, the more people you have that are in, the harder it is. Add (often) minimal education and financial resources.

    Good for you, but don't be too self satisfied about the ease of it for you. Different circumstances abound.

  • _Morpheus

    "I haven't avoided any question. Your inability to read or extrapolate an answer from the things I've written is your problem, not mine."

    hmmmm.... So cognac has a problem because shes trying to help you be articulate instead of allowing you to be dodgy and evasive...? No i think not.

    What i extroplate is that the whole premise of this thread reeks of self righeous aggrandizement. Congratulations. Now we all can see clearly what you are. Dont break your arm patting yourself on the back.

  • Landy

    Pat on the back? Lol, I've not gone for the last twenty years, haven't given it a thought for the last nineteen. Just came across this place by chance.

    I am surprised at the difficulty people seem to have in stopping going, maybe it's different now. I'm certainly not up to date anymore and these sites didn't exist when we stopped going.

    Anyway, I don't think this place is for me. It's a part of my life that has long since past and nothing good is going to come from dredging it up again.

    it appears I've struck a nerve with a couple of you and for that I apologise. I hope you find the strength to be where you want to be.

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