Mark Sanderson Talk re Belgium visit

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  • redpilltwice
    Listener: I am wondering if the Youtuber My JW downloaded the Video from JW org TV shortly after it was put there by the organization (teaching department) and shortly removed, possibly after being veiwed by other WTBTS Departments and realizing it was far from appropriate. If so, it means that their internal controls on approved video material to be made public are not up to scratch. For one thing, at least, it shows that what one Department might find as appropriate, is not the case for other Departments.

    Interesting thought, but as you already noticed, konceptual99 found out that the video indeed is still there, and why shouldn't it when it is approved by the teaching comittee? Disappointing or not (and it is to all of us who want to expose the WT), I'm sure they'll proof "read" everything before putting stuff online.They can't even reckognize their own moral degradation! Very, very sad...

  • steve2

    Yes, it's still featured on It has not been taken down. Who said it had?

  • ToesUp

    Well Mark, we are glad Jah had his hand in getting you safely there. Praise be! Too bad for the poor people who were injured and killed in the attack. I guess Jah was too busy to get involved with their outcome. What a load of crap! This is what happens when you are so out of touch with reality. So glad we are OUT!

  • steve2

    It is not until you've got some distance and perspective from this secluded, deluded little organization that you realize how narcissistically self-absorbed they are.

  • punkofnice

    In breaking news; a picture of Jehovah(tm) saving Mark Sanderson from getting killed in the explosion..

    Image result for spider pig

  • sparky1
    sparky1 may have to be over 50 years old and American to get this:

    The Marky Pig Show Opening Theme......

    "Who's our favorite JWTV star? Who comes on with a wham?

    Who's got the stupidest show by far? M-M-M Marky Pig, our favorite ham!

    Ooh, that Marky, Marky Pig! He's the Watchtower's Mr. Big!

    When the music starts, you want to leave the room. You feel like his show is rigged.

    Swing around in a circle and doesy-do! Time to watch, Marky Pig!"

    (MY sincerest apologies to Porky Pig and the Loony Toons Company)

  • punkofnice

    Sparky - This is the band I play in......the name is a tribute to this character

  • bohm

    punkofnice: Lol!.

  • punkofnice

    How dare they mock one of Jehovah's(tm) Ham-nointed ones!?!

  • sparky1

    Punky..........Sorry but I am not on FACEBOOK, but I think I found your website. Pretty cool stuff!

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