Mark Sanderson Talk re Belgium visit

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    "But thanks to Jehovah, the officials put no restrictions whatsover so we were able to have the memorial as scheduled at the assembly hall with 1,055 being present, which was a tremendous gift from Jehovah. And just at the time when of course, the Brothers were kind of agitated because of what was taking place, it was such a privilege to be with them, to be able to provide some comfort. Then just a few days later, on Saturday, we were able to dedicate the brand new Kingdom Hall complex in Antwerp. This is a five auditorium Kingdom Hall complex, it's quite a site, there's a picture of it on our next study edition Watchtower. You can see the brothers working on that Kingdom Hall complex."
  • Muddy Waters
    Muddy Waters

    Wow. They care only for their own agenda. Nothing else matters. Nothing and nobody else matters.

    And they would even see these "worldly" deaths as a good thing because these people will get a resurrection, yay! Another moment or so later (soon, though!), if Jehovah kills them at Armageddon, they would not be resurrected.


    Satan's system provided all the technology - the Aircraft/ Pilots and ATC's / the ITC / etc etc etc and the Belgium Police system the security in the city ! Yep - this is a great experience of Divine favour -

  • Wayward

    Disgusting. Anyone else feel like slapping that oily smirk off his face? No regard for the fact that innocent people were killed and severely injured. When I think they can't possibly get any more callous and idiotic, they prove me wrong.

  • ab.ortega

    can't describe the feeling in words.........

  • hoser

    What an asshole

  • SadElder

    Who paid for that expensive inflight internet access? Bet he has a dub-paid American Express account.

  • StephaneLaliberte

    This makes me think of the last assembly I attended with my wife. It was towards the end of the very first talk. We were so shocked that we looked at each other wondering if we should simply pack or stuff and leave.... but that would have thrown off our fade, so we stayed and suffered.

    In his talk, the brother related the following story: Back in July 6, 2013, at 1:15 am in the morning, there was a train full of crud oil that went out of control and crashed in a small village named "Lac Megantic" in Quebec. There were 47 victims, many of them in a small local bar named : "Le Musi-Café". There was a brother and his son who had just finished cleaning an office (or some place) and felt like taking a beer at the local pub. However, as they had field service the following morning, they decided to be reasonable and went straight home instead. Well, Jehovah blessed them, for just an hour later the train crashed and killed a lot of people that day!

    They will take anything and turn it their way if they can. It is truly sickening.

    You can read more about this tragedy over here:

  • OrphanCrow

    ...aaaand...we were able to dedicate a NEW! Kingdom Hall complex...!!!!!

    Yaya! Jehobah is really blessing us...buildings are soooo much more important than lives lost. We arez the good guys...we get property! Valuable property $$$$$$$$$

  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower

    What a deluded bunch make up this currant batch of Governing Body members. They will drive this corporation into financial oblivion because they are so deluded. Because of extreme denial they have a evil shadow side(Jungian) full of demons or skeletons in the closet, IOW they have their blinders on while running this corporation into a financial whole, classic blind leading the blind. The road to Hell is paved with good intentions so they say.

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