Mark Sanderson Talk re Belgium visit

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  • Virgochik

    He is smirking because that marvelous mega church, oopsy, complex, was built by volunteer labor. Won't that sell for top dollar one fine day!

  • Listener

    I can't find the original source. The OP linked to Youtuber RunFromTheTower and he/she has put their source as being from another Youtube Chanel, published by them on the 18th May, 2016 and identified as a 'Special Report' -

    This appears to be a pro JW chanel.

    I couldn't find it from doing a search on JW org and JW org TV

    These are a couple of other links that identify the Video but links lead nowhere.

    I am wondering if the Youtuber My JW downloaded the Video from JW org TV shortly after it was put there by the organization (teaching department) and shortly removed, possibly after being veiwed by other WTBTS Departments and realizing it was far from appropriate. If so, it means that their internal controls on approved video material to be made public are not up to scratch. For one thing, at least, it shows that what one Department might find as appropriate, is not the case for other Departments.

    If this video has been removed from their official site then what is really damning is that a Governing Body member wrote and presented this himself and was found to be unsuitable by either other GB members or other Bethel members. Which speaks volumes for the fine spirituality and christian qualities of the GB.

  • never a jw
    never a jw

    Thank you Listener for the link. It's perfect. I just wanted the video without any additions.

  • Lieu

    If he was any type of real Christian, he would have had himself driven to the site for victim's relatives and "comforted" them .... but, no.

  • George One Time
    George One Time

    So the item is removed from the website now?

  • smiddy

    Instead of thanking Jehovah ,shouldn`t Mark Sanderson be thanking Satan ? after all it is his system of things , being the ruler of the world and everything.

    And how come Jesus Christ never gets a mention here , isn`t he the King that`s been ruling since 1914 ? why is Jehovah getting all the credit.?

    For something that Satans system accomplished ?

    Oh , that`s right Christ Jesus hasn`t accomplished anything in his 100+ years of Kingly Rule has he.

    Either Jehovah is a bad CEO for appointing Jesus Christ as King/Ruler.

    or Jesus Christ is incompetent as a Heavenly King Ruler ,

    So maybe they both need to be sacked


  • Listener

    George One Time - I don't know if it's on the JW org website or not but I can't find it.

    I think most of us are shocked at the in-sensitiveness of it and there has to be one or two JW bigwigs that would see it that way too, although it hasn't stopped them from taking down a lot of Tony Morris' rants.

  • konceptual99
  • Listener

    Thanks for finding that konceptual99, it is disappointing that it is there.

  • TheFadingAlbatros

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