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  • Listener

    The degradation of the Governing Body members continues on. Mark Sanderson gives a talk regarding his visit to Belgium for the memorial this year and was travelling from Korea to Munich to Brussels, Belgium on the day of the Belgium terrorist attacks.

    He cannot wipe the smirk on his face as he relates his experience, with no regard whatsoever of all those unfortunately affected by the attacks. In fact, he personally found God's hand affecting him personally, allowing him to attend the memorial as planned and a KH dedication.

    He is that privileged during his flight travels that internet was available to him, enabling him to catch up on current news and to contact Branch's. He arranged for Brothers to drive him from Munich to Belgium in order for him to make it to the memorial in Belgium.

    He explains that in situations like this there are usually curfews and restrictions placed on travelling and even public assembly. So they wondered if they would even be able to hold the memorial in Belgium. He then continues saying

    "But thanks to Jehovah, the officials put no restrictions whatsover so we were able to have the memorial as scheduled at the assembly hall with 1,055 being present, which was a tremendous gift from Jehovah. And just at the time when of course, the Brothers were kind of agitated because of what was taking place, it was such a privilege to be with them, to be able to provide some comfort. Then just a few days later, on Saturday, we were able to dedicate the brand new Kingdom Hall complex in Antwerp. This is a five auditorium Kingdom Hall complex, it's quite a site, there's a picture of it on our next study edition Watchtower. You can see the brothers working on that Kingdom Hall complex."
  • bohm

    Man, the smugness is killing me.

    Somewhere in heaven:

    Jehovah: Satan, you remember that time with Job?

    satan: yah how can i forget, you keep mentioning it..

    Jehovah: rematch?

  • konceptual99

    Thanks to Jehovah we were able to crack on with our lives even through many in the local area had had theirs' shattered.

  • wannaexit

    These guys are so deluded.

  • Room 215
    Room 215

    He seems to get heavier with each successive appearance.

  • stuckinarut2

    Complete selfish disregard for any non witness...

  • bohm

    Room 215: it's now that the gb members only feature on every other jw tv show the bullshit is building up...

  • redpilltwice
    He arranged for Brothers to drive him from Munich to Belgium in order for him to make it to the memorial in Belgium.

  • sparky1

    Maybe Mark Sanderson is so smug because he knows that ISIS will leave him alone. After all, devout Muslims will having nothing to do with 'PORK'.


    smug :

    Exhibiting or feeling great or offensive satisfaction with oneself or with one's situation; self- righteously complacent

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