Should The Watchtower Be Blamed For Everything Bad Happening In Your Life??

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  • Special K
    Special K

    Hey Ravyn

    some good points there

    You said, "I'm not of the class who believes that negativity and suffering makes you a better person (it made me bitter not better)"

    After being disfellowshipped.. I was BITTER for many years..So very bitter. my bitterness almost destroyed me. I had to get a handle it.

    But.. Now my BITTER IS BETTER and I have control of my life, finally, and can be me.

    and I just feel sorry for the mislead people...the hurt people..The ones who want out but are held hostage in that religion because of family ties...I feel bad for unsuspecting children.

    The thing that might make me BITTER again would be if some dumb ass J.W. woman came calling at my door and wouldn't get the heck off my property after I told her to. That would rile me for quite a long time..and my bitter wouldn't be better anymore at least not for awhile. (and I'm not making light of that issue)

    Once I got past the bitterness.. I kind of wear my disfellowshipping kind of like a badge of protection.. a badge of honor..and have occassional told some unsuspecting J.W. "Hey, you can't talk to me.. I'M DISFELLOWSHIPPED" Voila.. Instant crap protection.

    take care ravyn, it sounds like the JW organization hurt you badly and I feel sad about that.

    Special K

  • cat1759


    Truly an amazing woman! The experiences you cite were horrendous. To currently be disabled and to have lost so very much due to a belief is beyond reason.

    My heart goes out to you!


  • Ravyn


    short answer?
    longer answer?

    according to who's definition of "good" and "bad" ? do the JWs have a different definition from any other xtian religion? the things that are different about the JWs belief compared to any other xtian religion are the things we are on here complaining about! otherwise they are the same as any other xtian group. so it is my opinion that any xtian group would have worked for the one seeking something from xtianity, giving consideration to their own particular likes and dislikes.

    the very things that make JWs unique are the things that are the most criminal about them. it is a worthless belief system.

    and thanks for the sympathy--Special K and Cathy, sometimes I need it. It was one of those weekends---trying to figure out how to pay the bills this month and squeeze in a visit to the in laws(which just THRILLS me anyway.) Those are times I get bitter. When I have to shuffle bills and try to feed us on $30 for the whole week(he is pre-diabetic and ramen noodles dont work anymore....)


  • minimus

    Special K, no....I'm not a therapist, but I do think that our probing our inward feelings is ultimately good for us. Some can't do that right away but time sometimes heals many wounds......I hope that this will apply to you too, Ravyn.

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