Should The Watchtower Be Blamed For Everything Bad Happening In Your Life??

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  • iiz2cool

    Should the Watchtower be blamed for everything bad that's happened in my life? No. A few things maybe. I feel stupid for allowing myself to get sucked into it though, and even more stupid for staying in as long as I did once I saw how hypocritical the society is. I didn't want my marriage to break up as a result of my leaving, but now it looks like I've only delayed the inevitable.

    It seems to me that many who become JW's as adults do so during a low point in their lives, and this was true in my case. The idea that all problems would be solved after armageddon appealed to me, and allowed me to put many things on the back burner. Now that I've wasted what should have been the best years of my life, I find it's probably too late to do some of the things most people do, such as raising a family. True, that was our own decision and not the societies, but that decision was based on false teachings from the society. Now I'm faced with the prospect of starting all over again. GROAN!!!

    But ultimately, the decisions were made by me and I have to either live with them, or get off my butt and make some more changes.


  • Pork Chop
    Pork Chop

    Stiny you are sooo right.

  • minimus

    Please don't get me wrong though. There ARE some things that have happened to us because we were or are Witnesses. What's unfortunate to do is put blame on the things that aren't the WT's fault. Many things happen because of us--- not them.

  • minimus

    I was thinking about how so many have been impacted by their childhood. My wife, today,lamented over how our daughter never had a chance of having a "normal" upbringing because of being raised as a Witness. I'm sure there's some truth to this but after I mentioned it to my daughter, she said that she felt that she wasn't that messed up over it. I do think that it all comes down to how you WANT to view things.

  • shamus

    No, I don't blame them for everything. I blame other people for the rest! ...

  • badolputtytat

    I agree Minimus that many things that get blamed on the WT are not always their fault. But it is a domino effect, I think.

    The WT themselves (and other religions) breed a sense of not taking responsibility to begin with. Nothing that goes wrong in the "world" today... is not blamed on Satan with them. Right down to the cycle of weather and climate changes that have taken place for millions of years!

    But as far as the anger and hurt and the implication that some here are "blaming" their lives on the WT... well... I feel like it is sorta relevant to mention that it is how "we" as JW's were never allowed to learn how to properly live. While WT may not be directly responsible for the night-mares, eating disorders, mental instabilities etc... they ARE responsible for those who were raised in this thing. The lives they rip apart for the almighty dollar.

    For myself... I managed to escape it at a very young age.(12).. ran away. But those I left behind are still there... the life I chose was a difficult and long road to where I am today.... Only in the last few months have I been back in contact with them. It is a tragic thing... but we are getting them out, one by one. And I just think that it is normal to expect them to come together in a place like JWD and know... vent it all out or something. I don't really think most people are putting off their own responsibility... just expressing (for the first time in their lives) just how much it hurts to be.... different.

    (I know I know... SHUT UP... I'm goin', I'm goin') JMO

  • minimus

    Hiya tat, I see what you're trying to say. And I believe it's good that we all can come here and express our own private demons but sometimes we just want something to blame. Sometimes we just don't want to look in the mirror. Sometimes we can't bare to think we should own up to some personal, direct responsibility.

  • rocketman
    I like to blame the WT, because then I don't have to take personal responsibility. It makes things


  • rocketman

    Hmmmm....I said LOL.

  • cat1759


    I don't blame anything or anyone in my life. It is where i need to be and how I got here was also what I needed.

    What I don't agree with in your statement is the school issue. Back in 1975 you were encouraged to spend the last days preaching as not to be found negligent, wanting in God's favor.

    There were alot of us children back then who wanted to do other things. There was intelligence. Do you think because we were denied the privalege of going to college that we were dumb. Also your statement about some of us who didn't finish high school were not really smart enough to go to college, hey no loss there. Many of our families moved to where the need was great as the end was coming. We took to heart the counsel given from the GB. We did what we had to because we actually did love Jehovah and actually did believe in him. Our choices were limited and college was not to be mentioned because those that were going to college were the ones who's families were not considered strong anyway. Consider the source. Do what needs to be done, not what others are doing.

    So in essence those that did not have the opportunity back then have it now. It is harder to go to college when you are taking care of children and working your ass off because you need to support them all because the end did not come. So we believed, so we were stupid?

    We all did not live charmed lives with choices. Most of us have moved on and made better choices.


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