Should The Watchtower Be Blamed For Everything Bad Happening In Your Life??

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  • minimus

    .....of course, anything bad happening in MY life is due to being a Witness.

  • freedom96

    While we can certainly acknowledge that our lives were different because I being a witness, we need to pick ourselves up and move forward, and not allow the WTS to claim the rest of our lives too.

  • minimus

    Sometimes we might forget to "move on". Some people remember how they were mistreated by an elder in 1972----like it was yesterday. Whereas, some people just figure out that there's not much you can do about the past.

  • Ravyn

    and some people are 41 yrs old with a life-threatening active disease and no education and wasted their youth and energies working for the Watchtower and have no more choices of moving on.

    Ravyn of the not feeling too Zen today class.

  • Ravyn

    I am not afraid to say it. The Borg &*[email protected] up my life. It is just a fact. And I don't care how zen you get, choices that you made or choices that were made for you--whether you had the power to allow them or not--have changed your future possibilities. I was third generation JW, if being a JW was never in the equation who knows what might have been? My parents would not have been &*[email protected] up and neither would I.

    I am the one who turned down scholarships to pioneer. I am the one who stayed single and decided to not have children(I was coerced into having my tubes tied when I was 'being courted' by an elder who did not want kids...his best friend's(another elder) wife, went with me to make sure I did not chicken out for the surgery) and I was the one who at 34 yrs old lost my house, furniture, job, friends and family when I walked away because everything I had depended on the Borg and found myself and my wheelchair in a shelter. I was a regular pioneer from age 18-33. And I lived on charity and welfare most of those years becoz that is what the Borg told me to do.

    Now I have nothing. And no matter how you slice it--it is the Borg's fault. All of it. And I spend my days writing and talking on the pc becoz I am home-bound and trying to stay alive long enough to get the book written.


  • RR

    I gave up ALL of my 20s to this group, and although I passed up higher education [something I persued later on] and broke up with a women who loved me more than life itself [she was a heathen and sure to die at armageddon] I don't blame the Society for anything. It was a learning xperience, and an experience I am grateful for. It made me who I am today ... don't ask! :)

  • obiwan

    After, looking at these post I would have to say some, not all.The one that sticks out most is education, the wt won't allow you to better your self. It seems to me that the ones saying it the most are the ones who walked into good jobs when they were younger, something you can't do today.

  • Special K
    Special K


    Do I feel that I blame the WTS for everything bad in my life.


    But do i blame them for alot of things in my life before I got out of it


    I blame them for giving my parents a narrow minded view of people.

    I blame them for taking away their freedom of choice and replacing it with a FEAR of God's vengance.

    I blame them for thinking they have all the answers to world and personal problems.

    And I blame them because . all that.. was then transferred over into ME! as a baby and then as a young child and then as an adolescent and then as a young person and then for part of my adult life.

    I blame them for closed doors that I couldn't look into and make my own decisions on because as J.W.'s you are not given much opportunity to make decisions. without runing to an elder or a publication.

    I blame them, because the love of my parents was CONDITIONAL upon my remaining a J.W.

    I blame them for spending so much of my life making JUDGEMENTS on people.

    No I don't blame them for everything wrong in my life...if I choose not to wear a seatbelt in my car and have an accident.. I will not blame them.

    You seem to start alot of topic threads minimus.. Are you a therapist by any chance..and are helping us all explore our recovery through this. (Not asked in a bad way.. I was just looking over all your topic postings that's all.. and they all seem like .. searching our inner turmoils.. and bringing them out to the surface to look at. .. and by the way.. that is not a bad thing.

    It would be interesting to start a post on "Are there things about you in your life that you are thankful for because of previously being a Jehovah's Witness...".and see how the comments stack up.

    I think you would get lots on that thread too.. But I think the cons for being a J.W. would outweight the pros.

    Special K.


  • Ravyn

    Hey Special K! (that is my sister Kira's nickname BTW!)

    I have said it before on a thread somewhere--probably one of Min's-- that while I 'learned' some useful things as a JW, nothing I ever got out of JWs was anything I could not have gotten from some where else, and most likely with less trauma. I am not of the class who believes that negativity and suffering makes you a better person(it made me bitter not better). And I think it was Prisca who brought out once that genetic make up is what it is, and if you happen to be a moral person it is not the environment that necessarily determines that in any significant gene-altering way.(I dont know I might be wrong--but I remember Prisca commenting on such a thread and that is how I interpreted it.)

    I am a good person because I am a good person, not because JWs taught me to be or because I survived horrendous "character-building(BULL$H!T !)" trauma at their hands. I refuse to believe they are unique among any other tragic situation humans can be victimized by. They are NOT special. I am who I am DESPITE JWs, not because of them.

    I could have learned my life lessons in other ways. JWs did nothing good for me.


  • minimus

    But don't you think that some "bad" persons became "good" persons because they changed their lives and tried to follow the Bible (as understood by Jehovah's Witnesses)?

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