WEIRD. . . Dick Gregory talks about the "killing" of PRINCE

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  • Terry
  • keyser soze
    keyser soze

    He also once said that Trayvon Martin was killed so that his organs could be harvested, and that black women should have as many children as possible and live off welfare.

    Don't spend too much time trying to analyze him.

  • Dagney
    Oh dear.
  • Terry

    The disturbing part is not that the man fully believes so much racially driven, prejudicial poppycock--it disturbing because there are a large number of media and celebrity people who listen and believe as well.
    PRINCE watched one of Dick Gregory's "Truth" videos and started talking about Chemtrails and Illuminati as a direct result.
    In this particular community of True Believers, there is no rational, skeptical, logical connection admitted EXCEPT the bizarre!
    I worry about people who become parents and pass along this style of thinking and speaking because neither they nor their children will be able to hold a conversation about the difference between subjective assertions and actual testable data.

    Having once been in a religious cult, I am retro-ashamed that I was just like Dick Gregory spouting off nonsense just because an Organization bent on teaching weird tales from an ancient book had convinced me of their AUTHORITY and gravitas.

    Dick Gregory has lots of gravitas in the Black Community from what I can piece together.
    Tavis Smiley is no idiot, but he has interviewed Dick Gregory and listened like a child to everything the man said.

  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions
    WEIRD. . . . Dick Gregory is still ALIVE!!!
  • Barrold Bonds
    Barrold Bonds
    yay another Prince thread.
  • rebel8
    If you Google his name, you will find out he has many delusions. Poor guy.
  • steve2
    Yay another Prince thred that Barrold Bonds posts on..
  • LoisLane looking for Superman
    LoisLane looking for Superman

    I met Dick Gregory in the 1960's. I am trying to remember if it was before the Watt's Riot, or after.

    My Dad had done some work for him and Dick had gifted him with a painting. After it was framed and on the wall, Dick stopped over to look at it.

    Dick was tall and atheletic then. No beard. Didn't ramble. Never heard him say the n word. Was polite.


  • talesin

    Dick Gregory is a legend, and one of the great American comedians and activists. He is in his late 80s, and seems to be having some issues with dementia in the past few years. IT's sad to see him losing it, and I give him RESPECT. He is old, and a bit confused, and that's what happens to some people, no matter how brilliant. That's why Smiley is taking in every word, I would think. Out of respect for this great man who may be rambling and a tad of a wing-nut in his old age, but props for past deeds. x tal

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