WEIRD. . . Dick Gregory talks about the "killing" of PRINCE

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  • truthlover

    Prince killed Prince - or the doctors killed Prince - there are terrible stories of opiods being given in all North America - in Canada its the same story -- the doctors give them for post surgical procedures, anxiety, depression and guess what - they can hook you within two weeks... then the body wants more over time and you gradually increase and increase and by that time you are really hooked, the so called dink who prescribed them washes his hands of you and kicks you out to find another doctor,(YOU CAN'T FIND ONE , DOCTOR SHORTAGE-THAT MEANS A CLINIC) who then knows you are on the hard stuff and MAYBE are doctor SHOPPING - you get a flag, a name with al doctors in your area and no one - no doctor will give you what they poisoned you with years ago. Your on your own - and then , maybe get a chance to get to a pain clinic to control the pain because the body is screaming for a fix but no, don't get one, just learn how to not only manage the pain you originally had, but now you are battling withdrawal and anxiety, maybe heart palpatations, sweats, and still the gnawing pain you have been dealing with especially if the surgeon f'd you up so as to need the opiods in the first place. NEW STANDARDS OF CONTROL TO BE SET AND MORE PAIN CLNICS NEED TO BE SET UP - TAKES AT LEAST 2 YEARS TO GET INTO ONE IN THIS AREA. AND DON'T LET DOCTORS BE TAUGHT IN THEIR MED SCHOOL THAT OXYCOTIN IS GOOD FOR THE PATIENT - ITS A PHARM MARKETING TOOL TOLD BY THEM TO FORCE DOCTORS TO USE IT!!! AND THEY OF COURSE REAP THE BENEFITS---

  • WingCommander


    Some people will believe anything. Prince was raised SDA, then went full-tilt JW.

    L. Ron Hubbard was a science fiction writer who actually CREATED his own religion out of thin air, just like Joseph Smith did with the Mormons.

    There will always be gullible suckers willing to swallow this tripe down, smile, and ask for seconds.

  • sowhatnow
    How do people like him get so much attention? lol
  • talesin


  • Terry

    If you know a person is suffering dementia and says inflammatory things, how is it respectful of them or to viewers to put them on the public airwaves? I'm more of the opinion Tavis is listening out of more than pity or respect, but I could be wrong.

    Dick Gregory was a brilliant man and in some way we've both seen this sort of thing happen to others such as JW's who are intelligent and knowledgeable but who are driven into fantasy and magic-thinking by religious mania.

  • talesin
    Good point, Terry. It may speak to personal pov or cultural differences, I dunno. And I'm going through it atm, being shunned yet getting strange tearful telephone messages from my mother who has Altzheimer's ... it saddens me to see Mr. Gregory being exposed in his state of mind. He should be protected.  There is a point in there somewhere to his ramblings, and perhaps he knows things he kept secret for many years. Perhaps in his addled state, he is trying to 'testify' before he dies. I dunno. It's sad. x
  • myelaine


    there IS talk about Prince's last instagram message and the fact that it was deleted after he died.

  • myelaine

    He was also very outspoken about corruption and he liked to rock the boat, so to speak.

  • talesin

    myelaine - I've been looking into the vid........ seems to be the real deal, and it's been on youtube for years. Also, the "Third Eye" connection is always present.

    I would like to see a 'real' journalistic investigation into this whole thing, including the Bohemian Grove (fascinating, with their huge owl statue and no females, camo cover, etc.). Of course, if there *is* a NWO, it would never be revealed. It's the perfect circle jerk - can't prove it if they control the media. But there sure has been a lot of weird shit in the entertainment industry that is in plain sight. Since I was young, was fascinated by the JFK 'conspiracy theory'. Then we had Watergate --- oops! Nixon was the fall guy. There are lots of whack-job conspiracy theories out there, but there are some things that are just .... unexplained.

  • Barrold Bonds
    Barrold Bonds
    where is this perfect circle jerk and how do i join.

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