Has Justin Trudeau Finally Eaten Too Many Tide Pods?

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  • Finkelstein

    As well, there are roughly 60 foreign fighters who have returned to Canada

    Really do you have support of that statement ? if so sheesh

  • freemindfade

    Number quoted by Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale

  • Finkelstein

    Trudeau said in Parliament that they are under careful investigation .

    What that all means is kind of vague.

  • Outahere

    The US should just take all of its terrorists, drop them off at the border, tell them to walk north, and ask for asylum. Hehe

  • Finkelstein

    Outahere ...... We dont want Donald Trump up here ..... he he

  • Jacobi

    LoveUniHateExams: I agree he ducks the question. But all politicians duck questions all the time, it is not a right and left wing issue.

    The video you refer to was the video about how FGM should be discussed in a draft to the citizen guide?

    Yes, I agree he handled it quite badly. I don't know why. Perhaps he did not want to commit to content in a document under development. But FGM is in the new guide right?


    I think we are very much discussing how politicians handle the press and not so much to actual policy/law in Canada no?

  • Jacobi

    Here is something to ponder: Why is terrorism perpetrated by Muslims (or potentially perpetraded by Muslims) in Canada recieving so much more attention and concern on this thread than terrorism perpetrated by right-wing terrorists?

    Given recent events in Canada, there are good reasons to believe both groups contain radicalized members ready to kill people.

  • freemindfade
    Why is terrorism perpetrated by Muslims (or potentially perpetraded by Muslims) in Canada recieving so much more attention and concern on this thread than terrorism perpetrated by right-wing terrorists?

    It's an oversimplification to reduce and isolate problems with Islam to terrorism.

    In general, the ideas of Islam go headlong against western values, and the problem is not isolated to a single country. Check out the website "religion of peace". Far right events can't hold a candle to the global suppression and atrocities of this one ideology. It's not a terrorism issue exclusively, its a politically motivated movement to conflate being Muslim with some kind of global oppression by western values of white males. This overreaction that results censorship of criticism of Islam.

    It's been said on here many times, with Judeo-Christian system you have the moderates at the core of the belief system and the radicals on the fringe, whereas with Islam if you are moderate YOU ARE THE FRINGE. The radicals are at the core beliefs and values. But for no other reasons other than politics, leaders like Trudeau swing way out into left field to appear Islam friendly.

    Are there large groups of "right-wing" countries currently perpetuating slavery, the murder of apostates, atheists, homosexuals etc? Are they just now giving women in some of them the right to drive?

    So its just not incidents, its far larger and far more complex, and for people like Trudeau to pretend that facts don't exist and hope wins of reality, it causes divides. Trying to compare right-wing terrorism with the glocal cancer of fundamental Islam is outstandingly absurd.

    And by the way, why would you not consider Muslim jihadists to be right-wing terrorists? They base their life on bronze age theology that swings them further right than most Christian fundies, think about what you are saying.

  • cofty

    Jacobi I can't answer for Canadians but from my perspective in the UK you are attempting to create a false equivalence.

    Nobody wants to justify right-wing terrorism.

    Europe has seen an influx of tens of thousands of young men from Muslim-majority countries. In those countries personal freedoms are suppressed in the interests of theocracy. Women are oppressed to an appalling degree. If you are unaware of how bad things are for women in Muslim countries I suggest you read any of the three books written so far by Ayaan Hirsi Ali.

    Democracy is held in contempt in the lands where these immigrants are coming from. A significant percentage of those young immigrants bring their hatred of liberal western values with them. They have no interest in integration. They look for the day when our way of life will be eradicated here in the west in favour of their worldview. Conditions in parts of countries with the highest levels of immigration have deteriorated beyond recognition. Pedophile gangs are only the tip of the iceberg.

    A worrying number of Muslims travelled to Syria and Afghanistan to fight for ISIS. Their return to their homeland poses a threat of mass murder on our streets. Would you like me to list their recent 'successes'? Numerous plots are halted every year by our overworked security services.

    Some far-right activists have responded with violence. Their actions are despicable - unequivocally evil - but anybody who tries to equate the threat they pose with the threat coming from mass immigration from Muslim-majority countries does not understand the problem.

    I would recommend 'The Strange Death of Europe - Immigration, Identity, Islam' by Douglas Murray if it is a topic you would like to research further.

    Edited to add- FMF is right to point out that Islam is as far right as it would be possible to be.

  • Jacobi


    You bring up many issues and I cannot answer them all. Firstly, the reason I focus on Canada has to do with the topic and the subsequent discussion which is Canada-centric. I still wonder why, in the context of terrorism in Canada, we are giving Muslim terrorism (vs. right wing terrorism) so much more focus than terrorism of the non-Islamic kind? Wasn't the Mosque-shooting the biggest case of domestic terrorism in Canada to date?

    About "right wing" and "Islamic": I agree, Islamic dictatorships are incredibly right-wing insofar they are political. What I meant by "right-wing" is how the term is traditionally understood in a western context, i.e. nationalistic movements with different elements of white supremacy/fascism.

    You claim it is absurd to compare right-wing terrorism with the "global cancer" of fundamental Islam, but I made no such comparison: I specifically focused on terrorism in Canada, not globally.

    I don't want to put words in your mouths but is what you are saying this: Regardless of the domestic terror risk in Canada, Canadian politicians should focus more on Islamic terrorism (and so should we on this forum) because of the risks posed in other countries than Canada?

    You posed this question:
    "Are there large groups of "right-wing" countries currently perpetuating slavery, the murder of apostates, atheists, homosexuals etc?"

    My answer is no, but I cannot help but notice the word "currently" which is doing important work in that sentence.

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